Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Big News

It has been such a rewarding week. I truly know that blessings beyond measure come to those who keep the commandments of God. In sister Wright and I's cases as we have followed the spirit this week we have been able to bless so many people and help them Come closer to our Father. Jesse is a new investigator who really wants to get closer to God and is excited to read the Book of Mormon and learn more. 

Working with sister Wright has been exactly what both of us have needed at this time in our lives. She has helped prepare me for the coming transfer. She heads home on Tuesday to holiday Utah and I will miss her but will definitely see her again. 

I have big news. I am so grateful for The trust the Lord is putting in me to train a new missionary! I am so excited to grow and learn from Sister Moosman (don't know the pronunciation yet) and continue in the lords work and continue the adventure of new things to adjust to. Everything has worked out well, even with elders coming back to Forster Ranch- which will lighten my load just a bit- I know God has an intricate plan in store and I am so Grateful for that. I am Excited for the New missionaries in the zone that we will be working with. I feel ready and able to do what is required of me even though it may be harder than what I have done in the past. It will help me stretch! I know that each of us has so much potential as Heirs to the Kingdom of God and He will Provide a way for us to accomplish what he commands us to do. 1 Nephi 3:7 

Love Sister Grace Crossett

Monday, July 31, 2017

Follow the Guides

​Dear Mom,

Thank you for the email. It helped me feel good this morning. We have a lot to do today and a lot more to do this week. Its Sister Wrights last week on the mission. She'll be heading out next Tuesday and I will hopefully be staying in the area and getting a new companion. I know Heavenly Father has big things in store for this area and for me. I know he doesn't give us things we can't handle and I trust him. I'm glad the move went well and that the ward was warm and welcoming. I prayed for that too.

This week was so Awesome! Monday was so cool because we felt like we needed to stay in the San Clemente ward boundries after dinner instead of our planned Forster Ranch activities. We decided to walk to the end of the street. We talked to a few people but no one was interested. Then at the end of the street Sister Wright pointed out a house that looked really cool so we thought we should go knock on it. As we were heading over there was a teenage girl and her sister walking and we said hi and told her we had a message that will build faith in Jesus Christ and strengthen families.   She said her name was Sol and she immediately gave us her address and told us to come over in 20 minutes and that she and her family would love to hear the message. That was a miracle in and of itself. So we walked back to our car ending up talking to a Jewish lady about family history and hopefully softening her heart a little more. Then it was time to go to Sols house. It didn't look like anyone was home and when we knocked we heard a baby start to cry. We feared that we had gotten the wrong address. No one answered so we didn't know what to do. We knocked on all the houses that had similar numbers as the one she gave us and asked everyone if they knew a Sol on this street. No luck, and by this point it was getting dark so we said a prayer that we would be able to find her. As we walked back up the street toward our car and the address she had given, the house was now lit up with lights and so we knocked on the door and Sols dad answered. We were able to set up a return appointment and went back to teach her on Wednesday about the plan of salvation. There is so much still happening in Both wards and the spirit is guiding us continually to those who are prepared to receive the restored gospel. Our investigator Mark came to church on Sunday and it was a special 5th Sunday meeting about conversion stories. Perfect for him. We set a baptismal date with him for august 19th and he is continuing to progress! So Excited with the work right now! I will be sad to see sister wright go but we have a very busy and productive week planned so she'll end strong.

I know that Heavenly Father will provide as we trust him and follow the guides he has given. The spirit, His word in the scriptures and from His servants, and many more things are those guides. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so Grateful for the changes that it helps us make to improve ourselves and become more like our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Tell Lauren and Anne I love them so much and I'm sending a letter/ card their way as well. keep up the Book of mormon study! I know it will help so much :) It is the BOM after all :)

I love you! Just keep swimming and follow the guides!

Sisters nature walk by the beach this morning.​

​Sister Wright in her natural habitat ( Area book Work!! She's brilliant)​

Friday, July 21, 2017


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The zone on the Fourth of July

I often get to emailing on Mondays and don't know what to say. my mind is blank. Maybe from a lack of spiritual nourishment because we only personal study for 30 on Preparation Day. Another thought that just came to mind is that there is a pebble that I'm holding up to my eye, preventing me from seeing the big picture. I always gain strength from your word of encouragement and love though. Thank you.

I definitely want to see that mission stuff of dads :) The sister Missionaries going into the crawl space reminded me of some service we did for a non-member man from Trinidad (Dark Skin and Jamaican Accent). I got to organize and stack all his old reagea/bob Marley tapes and CDs and such into a cabinet in his dusty garage. It was really fun and so relaxing because I still love to sort and organize.

Yes indeed service is a way to Heal our souls as we heal others as well. I'm glad you got to do that through music. Just Breath. I need to do that right now and maybe so do you. We are never alone. We have the Fullness of the Gospel. We are Children of a King with a divine potential and desiny. The temple does have power. I love it the most because satan doesn't have power there.

This week we had an amazing spirit led restoration lesson. The word came so Fluidly and I just had to open my mouth and Believe. They're names are Patricia and Carlos and they are new investigators.

Sister Wright just told me about her dads Cousin too!! Connections is right! I need our New Home address to give to the mission office to update. Could I get that from next weeks email?

Have a wonderful, grateful week and the lord will provide.

Love, Sister Crossett

Friday, July 14, 2017

Just Remember

July 3

Dear mom,
I hope you're doing well. I haven't gotten your email yet but hopefully I get it before I leave. Sister Wright has to do whats called 'my plan' for an hour each week before she goes home. It is for all the missionaries preparing to go home and helps with goal setting and future plans and such so we'll be here a bit longer than usual.

sounds like things are fun at home from what dad and Anne said. Just keep swimming :). Also happy 4th of July!! We will be in early for the night tomorrow for safety but we have a view of the coast and will be able to watch fireworks from the apartment.

Our week was pretty busy. We've been stopping by and getting to know all the people the elders had been working with. Shelly has been investigating for about 3 years now. We still don't know what the main concern is but she comes to church and has read the Book of Mormon and everything. She reminds me a lot of Grammie Crossett as a matter of fact. So loving and kind. We are still working with Sofia to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. That is the key really, to true conversion. To come to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and that the Book of Mormon is true will help anyone use and apply the Atonement in their lives.

I've really gained a stronger testimony of fasting on my mission. I fasted for our investigators yesterday, but the results of my fast came as more of a weight lifted off my shoulders. A Clarity of mind and heart and I am so grateful for it. I know as we follow the little promptings and the big ones, from the Spirit of God, he will make miracles happen for us and for those we serve.

I love each of you and want you to know just how much more Our Savior and our Father in Heaven love you.

Have a wonderful, beautiful week, and remember to look for the good!!

Sister Crossett

( I never did write to her that day/week.  Buying a home and selling a home and moving and a vacation out of state all got in the way.  I expressed my struggles to her and this is her response.)  

July 10

Yep, Just keep Swimming mom :) 
In other words, whenever you feel uprooted or have hard tasks at hand, like you do right now, Just remember that we show our faith by enduring well. We can endure well by continuing to hold to our testimonies and being patient and grateful for the trials and the things you can learn from them. Heavenly Father is preparing you for what lies ahead. He wants to equip you with the mental and spiritual capacity for the things he will have you do soon. I also promise you that as you and dad work to make reading the Book of Mormon as a family each day a habit, you will find strength and be able to overcome little obstacles. I'm not quite sure exaclty what you are feeling but I know that you have the testimony to make it. 'Just remember' could be another synonym for 'just keep swimming'. Remember your Testimony, Remember Christ. D&C 6:36 .  Thank you for your strength and your example of faith as a mom to me. I love you. 

We saw Gods Promises in action over the weekend and I wanted to share the experience with you. We Visit Brother Church every week and he helps us Clean our car. Do to uncontrollable circumstances, he has a hard time attending church on Sundays. He really wants to though. After we are done working on the car we share a scripture with him and Saturdays scripture was 1 Nephi 3:7. I knew it would help as soon as he told us the circumstance. The promise is this: if we keep the commandments of God, he will provide and prepare a way for us to accomplish the things he commanded. We promised Brother Church that if he would pray for help and put the Lord first, Heavenly Father would provide a way for him to come to church and help him know what to do. Sure enough, We saw him at church the next day and He said that God had provided a way. Speaking of church, sister Wright and I were able to sing a Duet in Sacrament meeting "How Great shall be your Joy" and a member and his non-member girlfriend we had never met before were there. We weren't able to talk to them afterward but I saw the spirit touch the woman as we sang. The little ways that we can serve and touch people are such blessings. 

I've got to go but I want you all to know that I love my mission I love our Savior and His work is real and will help us find ourselves. 

Sister Crossett

Monday, June 26, 2017

It heals the soul to serve

 (June 19th)

Its the final week of the transfer again. It Goes so fast now. Before you know it I'll be home. Not yet though. There is still more to learn, more people to help more opportunities to take.

 I truly know that as we make ourselves available and do our part in acting in faith, Heavenly Father will make us instruments in His Hands. It was just so with a young lady we were walking towards on the street yesterday. She was on the phone but she hung up to talk to us. She had just been kicked out of her house and said that God told her to keep walking and she would run into two girls. Well He was right. We walked with her as she talked and we gave her a book of Mormon and our phone number. She said she would read it every night. We were able to say a prayer with her, too and I know that she has great faith and things will work out. All she needs is the Gospel. It was so cool to be an answer to someones prayers. Though we don't have any way of contacting her unfortunately, I know that we will see her again.

Our bishop in San Clemente ward texted us about a non-member lady who needed help moving and was told by her landlord that she should ask the Mormons, they could help. I thought it was cool that even among nonmembers we are known for the Christ like acts that we do.

We had a really Good Sunday yesterday. There was a homecoming in one ward and a farewell in the other. I was able to meet more people and write down their names this time so I can remember them better. The spirit was very strong at both meetings.

I am so Blessed to be able to serve here in this beautiful area of the Lords vineyard. The work, works. Sister Wright and I have seen this as we have pushed through the hard times and reached out to other people. It heals the soul to serve and it also helps Heavenly Father to help his children.

I love you all and know you can do it!

Sister Crossett

 (June 26th)

We went to dinner at the Hansens house and the youngest girl (blonde) was named Lauren, and I told them that was my sisters name. They were a super cool family and they even had a pet rat. He was super fat and his name is Will.

This passed week has been so busy. We found 2 new investigators from just following up with someone who said to come back another time. Amanda and Justin. We taught them the restoration and then just Amanda the plan of Salvation and she has a lot of questions. Then we felt like we should go back to a street we walked down a few weeks ago and so we planned in a time to go tracting there. We were late to our planned time but we both felt prompted to go to a specific house and a lady answered who was super friendly and told us to come back. Then it was time for lunch so we were walking back to our car and we saw a lady watering her lawn. We almost didn't go talk to her but I insisted. Rosie invited us right in and we taught the restoration to her and her husband. They are so humble and ready. On top of all the success we've seen the potentials we have, transfer calls were on Saturday and sister Wright and I are both staying (sister Wrights last transfer so I'll be killing her ;) mission lingo) but the elders in the Forster Ranch ward are both leaving and we are taking on all of their work as well as still covering San Clemente ward. It will be busy but it will be good to keep us motivated and push us to improve. Our investigator Sofia also came to church for the first time Sunday and there was a really good Gospel principals lesson on the holy ghost perfect for her. Miracles are happening and I'm so grateful to be a part of them. I know that Heavenly Father notices even the little things that we do right and blesses us for them. I know that as we continue to diligently study the Book of Mormon and Pray sincerely, we will receive heavens Help in our lives and we will come to know of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel to the earth. I know that families can be together forever through the Plan of Happiness which is centered on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you so much and pray for you daily.

Sister Grace Crossett

Monday, June 12, 2017

San Clemente

( May 22 )

 Sister Wright likes to get things done as quick as possible on p-day and the library opens at 10 so we got here just a bit after 10 today. There is so much to write about. I was transferred to the San Clemente Zone and am double covering two wards! Crazy right?! Its different from Utah where they cover multiple stakes but 2 wards is actually pretty overwhelming for me. Sunday was fun :) all day church! It will take some time to adjust again but I am grateful to be stretched and changed. Heavenly Father is continuing to prepare me for my life ahead. The San Clemente and Forster Ranch Wards are our wards. Sister Wright is from Holiday Utah and guess what?! When I asked her where she went to High School She said cottonwood and so apparently she was really good friends with Haley and she was in all the musicals we went to see there. Peter pan and Tarzan and Shrek. Super cool! Maybe if you see Haley you could tell her Caitlin Wright is my new comp. and says hi. sister Wright is very organized and such a good missionary and I'm so excited to grow and learn from her. And We actually have quite a bit of work to do in our two wards. We have an investigator getting baptized on Saturday of this week. Her name is Brooke and she is golden. Though I didn't get to teach her a lot I am grateful to be a part of her conversion to Christ. 

This area has a very different feel than the other areas I've served in. I think the main reason is because it is a beach town. Everyone surfs and goes to the beach all the time. You could call some of  them beach bums but they are still super cool. Our apartment has a cool view of the ocean too, which I have yet to see so far on my mission. It is so beautiful and definitely a blessing while I am getting adjusted to the area and the people and everything new. Though a  lot of people that we talk to here are just not open or willing to listen or too busy, I know that there are those that are prepared for us to teach and invite to come unto Christ. We had a cool experience this week where we were knocking on a door of a potential and I heard a noise like running water and we didn't know exactly where it was coming from. No one answered so we started walking back to our car and sister wright saw a fausset of water on across the street and no one around. We walk over to maybe turn it off and a guy walks out who's name is Dave. He was working on some plumbing stuff but he said we could go by and teach him on Friday. Since then we have picked him up as a new investigator but It is just so interesting how heavenly father leads us to people sometimes. I know that His work is here for all of us and as we continue to keep our covenants and do His will, we will be provided for and see miracles and blessings as we do so. 

Have a Sunny Week! 

Sister Crossett

( May 30 )

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I was so very grateful to have been able to be a part of Brookes Baptism on Saturday. She is an example and inspiration to me of someone who has a testimony and wants to share her light with others. It is almost second Nature for her to just love and be kind to others and I know that will only continue to grow. Sister Wright and I are looking forward to a successful week and hope to please the Lord with our efforts to be a little more. I love my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and I want to take advantage of each opportunity that will come in serving and leading others to the Savior. 

Have a blessed day and a miraculous week!

Sister Crossett

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This is us at brother Heiner's 96th B-day party!

( June 5 )

 You are right. All will be fine, good, and right. And you know, its because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is the way. We had a really amazing lesson with our investigator Sofia this week. We reviewed the restoration and invited her to kneel and pray with us to know if what we were teaching her is true. It was so powerful and she has such great faith. She said she felt much more open and comfortable talking to God in the way we taught her. She also was able to come to the adult session of Stake Conference with visiting 70 Elder Cordon. All the messages, especially from elder Cordon where exactly what she needed. He talked about the vital importance of reading the scriptures as a family in the home, and also about keeping the Sabbath day Holy. Sister Wright and I were also able to sing in the stake Choir and I was so grateful for that blessing. We sang a really pretty arrangements of The Lord is My Shepard, and Love at Home. 

I just want to do Gods Work, and please him. Because we are imperfect, we fall short sometimes. That is why I am so grateful for the plan of Happiness, which is centered on Jesus Christ Atonement.  

I don't know what else to say but I love all of you and I hope that you are taking advantage of the opportunities and blessings God has given to you.

Sister Crossett

( June 12 )

Dear mom,
That was perfect. All of what I needed to hear. Make sure, when you are feeling displaced and frazzled, to remember what will never change: Our Heavenly Fathers love, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Eternal Families!!
Thank you for enduring. You are a great example to me on that. Hold to the faith, and the Rod!!

This week has been really Great and we have seen so many miracles. We got a new investigator named Heather and we are so excited to work with her. She was actually raised in the church and was baptized at 8 but had her records removed when she was in college. She is so prepared at this time and wants us to come back. It is early into teaching but we feel very good about her progressing. I was also very grateful that Elder Cordon came to speak to us and It really helped me get good spiritual fuel for the rest of the week. My interview with president and sister Clark was amazing too.  They always say what I need to hear. .  Then to top it off I got to go to the temple with a family name that sister Wright helped me find. Sister Wright is actually really good at it and she helped me find a family name that I took to the  Temple on Saturday. It was so amazing to do that for one of my ancestors. Bertha Lucia Olmstead now just her sealing needs to be done. Their is also a name I've been reserving and it needs a baptism and confirmation maybe Anne would like to do it. 

I love family history and the temple! We have even found more success in talking to people on the street about it and also with less actives I don't know if she accepted it on the other side yet but I know she will and I was able to learn and feel the spirit inspire and teach me while I was there.  I love the temple! Sister Wright is still having a hard time. Satan is working really hard and I know its because he knows that we have some amazing things still in store for us here. I know that through diligent study and prayer, we will gain an increase in the faith that we need to keep being directed by the spirit. 

Grace's Testimony for the girls at Daughters of Zion camp.  

Dear Sisters,
I have been thinking of you a lot. I have been so blessed and have grown so much on my mission and from serving the lord. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including Faith, Repentance, Baptism ( or keeping of Covenants) Receiving the holy Ghost each day and continuing to endure and move forward will help us in all aspects of our lifes. I've seen it work in the lives of the people I have served in California and I have seen it work for me. I know that the love of Our father in heaven and the Gospel is something that will never Change. Hold to your faith. Live what you believe. I love and pray for you sisters. 

Have a great Week!!

Grace Crossett

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Last of Las Flores

(May 8)

This week has been a slower week but we've still seen so many miracles. We met a guy who believes in God and Jesus but not in the bible because its been changed so much. We told him about JST and gave him the Book of Mormon and we ordered him a bible with JST and everything and he is excited to read both! hoping to teach him more this week. We have had an Iranian man and his son coming to sacrament meeting for 2 months now but we haven't been able to teach him during the week. They stayed after once for second hour and we taught them the restoration and invited him to read and pray but that was it. On Sunday they came again and we found out that his wife has been not too happy that they go to church so that has been the struggle. The man says he feels the spirit and he wants so badly to learn more though, so we are just praying that we will have the opportunity to teach them and that his wifes heart will be opened. I know that faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance through making changes to your life are how we can become more like our Savior. That is why we invite people to make and keep commitments, to pray and read the Scriptures and Come to church. So their hearts can change through The power of the Holy Ghost. 

I don't know if  you remember that I can skype you on mothers day next Sunday. I'm sure you have :) If not Surprise!! We are skyping at the Elliots house and we were thinking about 3:30 our time. I hope that works for you guys. If not we will have sister Elliot Text or call you. It will work out :) I'm So Excited to see you all!! 
I'm doing alright with my battle. (Last months post)  Its still a work in progress. I just want so badly to do all that Heavenly Father needs me to do here, especially it being my last week ( I think) in the ward and area. I'm feeling a big change. Possibly San Clamente zone, even more down south. We'll see. Mission President says he'll see what he can do about a change ;) I love President and Sister Clark so much and they are just what I need and they have said I am just what they need. Heavenly Fathers plan is so perfectly organized. Its Amazing!! 

Sister Crossett

A final picture from the bishops home at FHE on Monday the 8th. Sisters Crossett and Peterson, Elders someone and Williams

(May 16th)

We did a facebook video call on Mother's Day.  Grace had been sick with a cold and soar throat.  She told us that she is being transferred to San Clemente, just as she predicted, and her new companion will be Sister Wright. She'll be in the Forster Ranch Ward.  She sounds and looks like she's doing great!  

  It was so great to see you guys yesterday. It was exactly what I needed. We have everything squared away for transferring and I am so excited for a new transfer of Change.

With me being sick we were pretty much home all week trying to help me get better. I am feeling much better now though. It was very unexpected for the Las Flores B Area to be Closed.  It is hard to say goodbye to everyone we have been working with and give them to the Elders to care for, but I know heavenly Father will help everything to work out. After all it is His work, and His plan. I am always so amazed by transfers and how it all works together in the end. One of the Hardest parts for me was having to explain to our Iranian investigator and his son, who have been coming to church for 2 months, that we will not be able to see him again for a while or sit with them at church. They were very sad but they also were very grateful for the change that they said they have been experiencing in their hearts and souls. They said they will always come to church. I know that one day they will be baptized and that I will be able to see them again. I am so grateful to have been able to be an influence in there conversion to Christ. I know that this work, the work of Salvation, is the most Important work on earth, and as we help our Heavenly Father Gather his Children into the kingdom, and keep his Commandments, we will be blessed with all the things we stand in need of. 

I love you all so much!! 

sister Crossett

Pictures: Easter cookies from bishops wife, Easter with sis. Peterson, Elephant at the Library

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jesus Christ is the Healer of our Hearts

April 17th

I was able to go on exchanges with one of my Sister Training Leaders, Sister Fullmer from Farmington, UT on Saturday in Her areas. Miracles happen on exchanges. We talked to a Jewish lady at the door for more than an hour and I know that she will be baptized. The spirit softened her heart and we were able to even pray with her before we left.  I love Sister Fullmer so much and was able to learn so much from her about how to be a better missionary. She is so obedient and really wants the best for everyone, not just because she is an STL. One thing that she was inspired to tell me to work on is finding joy in the work. I really needed to hear that because I get so caught up in trying to make sure I am doing things right and making a difference that I forget to enjoy the journey, enjoy the process. I am really trying to work on this and find the good in every day.  I know that there is an Eternal plan for us and that plan and way is Jesus Christ. He lives, He loves us and we can do all things through Him.

Easter was great and we were well taken care of. So many people came to church! Our investigators and the Elders investigator and his girlfriend, too! I am so sorry this seems so rushed and may not make sense but I want you all to know that I love you and that Everything will work out as you are obedient and just try your best to follow Jesus Christ.

Sister Crossett

April 24th

I will try to explain this as best I can. I'll be honest. Last week was one of the hardest weeks of my life. It was also one of the most eye opening for me. I would have days where I literally felt so depressed that I couldn't get myself to do anything or get out of the apartment. When I did, I didn't feel worthy of facing people. I was in a constant battle with myself and nothing I did seemed to work permanently. Prayers, scripture study, talking to Sister Peterson and serving the people only helped temporarily. I felt helpless and hopeless. That's not what this life is about! It's all about LOVE. At least that is what myself and countless others that have been helping me along this long process of learning about myself have discovered. Looking back at my life the reason for my struggle has been myself. I didn't LOVE myself. I have been so hard on myself.
After a long, hard, excruciating day on Friday, we finally decided to call President Clark and ask if we could meet him in person to talk. We called right before dinner and he said to come to the mission home at 8:30. We didn't have a member dinner appointment but we had some member money so we decided to go to our newly discovered favorite place to eat, Tropical Island Smoothie ( the Island Green Smoothie is my favorite). After dinner I still felt awful, so we went home and I got to read my Patriarchal blessing and pray some more. I didn't believe that any of those things could come true. As we were leaving, our STL's, Sister Fullmer and Michell, stopped by to bring us a talk that they knew would help. Perfect timing. I had gone on exchanges with Sister Fullmer the previous weekend and she pulled me aside and complimented me on just how amazing of a missionary I am and how she looks up to me and learned so much from me on exchanges. It was all fine and dandy but, I still didn't believe her. I literally didn't believe any of what anyone said to build me up. 
We drove to Irvine and I read the talk. It helped a little and I was in higher spirits than I had been. President and Sister Clark were there and Sister Peterson and we all came to the conclusion that I didn't love myself, and that it has been Satan's tool against me for all of my life. They gave a few suggestions. Write down everyday, things that you love about yourself and then look back and thank God continually for those gifts that he has blessed you with and talents he has given you. So I'm putting it to the test. It is still hard. I have to change this long kept habit that has gone on inside my head for so long that has almost become my character. 
Now what does this have to do with the work or my mission or investigators? It has everything to do with it. As I learn and try to love myself, I will be able to truly say and teach people that the atonement of Jesus Christ is here for us NOW.  Accept Him.  Use Him. Believe Him. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the light that we must hold up. I love Him and I love myself and all of you. 

I don't know that all of that should be shared with everyone but, If you feel that it should then I trust you to share it. 
(Obviously I felt that it should be shared.  We all go through Valley's of despair and need to hear how others get through them.)

I love you mom. I will be just fine. Thank you for all that you do, noticed and unnoticed. 
You keep smiling, and loving  yourself too :)

Sister Crossett

May 1st

Transfers are right after mothers day, so I'll get to tell you all about it! :) I've been here 6 months and 4 months with Sister Peterson. Sister Peterson wants me to be her comp for the rest of her mission. I love her, but I need a change. It has been so good to work with her though. Did you know I'm almost half way?! 

Our old Friend Moe, who was baptized in December is coming back and his wife is already here. They may not be in our ward anymore but, we are so excited to have him back! 

This week has been a great week of improving for me. I'm feeling lots better than before and trying to do all the things my mission leaders have been suggesting. 
We had some really good days where we talked to absolutely EVERYONE and saw miracles including teaching the restoration on a driveway to a guy we drove passed and then went back for. We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read. 
As we look for the good and the blessings, Heavenly Father will give us exactly that :) He loves us and wants the best for us. 

I know that Jesus Christ is the Healer of our Hearts, and if we have a desire to serve him and do good, having faith, repenting and trying again, we will feel of His love and be able to share that with others. 

We are enough. 

Sister Crossett

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Prince of Peace

It will be a little different coming home to a new place but I don't think it will be hard because missionaries are nomads anyway. We learn to adapt and adjust to new people and surroundings. Our apartment is in Ladera Ranch and it is so nice! It is still outside our area but only a 3-5 min drive. 

I'm doing just fine. I definitely believe that if we are to ask people if we can help them we must be willing to accept and ask for help ourselves. Especially to our Heavenly Father. He is ready and willing to help us anytime, as long as we ask. Ask, Seek, Knock. 

I have been trying to decide on a Christ like attribute to work on this transfer and I haven't placed one yet but I have a lot of Ideas. I am thinking patience and possibly a second of knowledge. I absolutely loved the conference talk on how Jesus "Beholding him, loved him." Beholding is much more than just looking or noticing someone. It is deeper and much more meaningful. For me it means to search to understand and love a person. I am trying so hard to do that with sister Peterson because I know it starts with myself and the lord, then myself and my companion, and then we can help others. I want to be always ready to help someone else when needed but when I haven't helped myself and received that spiritual strength then I don't feel ready to help others. I'm working on that. It takes practice for sure but I know that its worth every minute to know our Savior better and to follow Him. He is the Greatest example of patience, of "Beholding", and of Peace. He is the Prince of Peace. 

We had a really cool experience with this video last week. We were walking to a potentials house and a teenage boy passed by with a phone in hand. We didn't say anything but hello. On our way back to the car after the potential wasn't there, the boy walked passed again the same way he had come and I had the Idea to ask him if he had internet access. We had not seen the #Prince of Peace Video yet, for which we had pass along cards to pass out, so we asked him if he would pull up the video for us. He agreed and we all watched the video there on the sidewalk. It was very powerful and he said It was pretty cool after. I know that his heart was touched​. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it. It has been a good week. Though I am still trying to figure out exactly what heavenly father needs us to do here, we know we are making a difference in our own little way with our talent and abilities and with His help. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and if we will follow him and our Savior, we will see things happen that we could never do on our own. 

Happy Easter!!

Sister Crossett

The Zone

Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference, a move and a startling experience

 Mommy, :D

I hope you loved The Women's conferences​ as much as I did. I thought of you especially during the first talk. Proverbs 3:5-6 :) President Eyrings was amazing too. 

My week has kind of been all about Following Jesus Christ. That is what we are all striving to do after all right? He is the perfect example and I have grown so much closer to him as I have studied more about him in the Book Of Mormon. It has been such a blessing to be able to testify of him to all those that we come in contact with. We had a bit of a startling experience over the past week. That perhaps shouldn't be shared with everyone but it is very near to my heart. We received a referral from the spanish elders. They Met her while tracting in the Sable apartment complex. She said she was very interested in learning and they got her information and we called and set things up for an appointment. She had to cancel a few days later because of some family emergency stuff but she still said she wanted to meet us soon so we kept in contact. Finally after a few more tries to set something up we decided to just go stop by and see if we could at least meet her. Through her texts she sounded so sweet and genuine and such a testimony of Heavenly Father. It was last sunday night when we stopped by and she let us in. She seemed anxious but she also expressed how our visit was an answer to her prayers. We were able to share a little bit of the Restoration and talk to her about the resurrection (Loss of a family member). She didn't tell us much about what she was going through but we left her a Book of Mormon and she said she already knew it was true but would read it anyway. We couldn't set up a return appointment but she said she would keep in touch. We texted a few times throughout the week with no response. We decided to stop by on Friday to see how she was doing and her Fiance answered the door. We asked for Lauren and He said that she had passed away on Monday. It was a surprise and a shock to us but we know that Lauren is learning and accepting the lessons on the other side and I am so grateful that we were able to teach her the first lesson. 

After that experience, we got to teach a father and his son the Restoration on Sunday after they attended sacrament with us and It was amazing. Amazing Blessings are happening and I am truly and deeply grateful for Heavenly Fathers care for me and for all of his Children. I know He loves us, I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and that as we pray always, we can have his spirit to be with us as we are obedient to his commandments. 

( April 3 )

Its been a rough day. Ironically enough I am going through moving struggles too. Sister Peterson and I are staying together in Las Flores but we just moved out of our apartment with roommates and into one without. It is a really nice apartment and we will be able to focus a lot better with just us but it will take some adjusting to. I need to settle in. I want it to be a good transfer. I want to see miracles. I know we will as we are obedient and just do our best. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of words today. I'm fine but prayers are always appreciated. I Loved conference. They just keep getting better don't they? I thought​ of you and the family all through out as well. Joy D. Jones's talk especially for you.  Anne and Lauren need to listen to or watch Gary E. Stevenson's talk again too.
I'm sorry I didn't get a recording of it but I was able to sing the same song I sang in sacrament meeting, at the Temple music devotional yesterday. "How Great Thou Art". I thought I did pretty well and I even felt it too. I hope that others were able to be touched by it as well. No investigators at conference but the work is going very well. We have an Indian investigator, a Persian investigator and 2 Spanish investigators. It is definitely a melting pot.

All I can say is that as we always strive to have the spirit with us as Ronald A. Rasband talked about, we will be able to receive protection and direction in our lives. 

I love each of you dearly. 

Stay strong.



Sister Crossett

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3 in 1

(March 6, 2017)

The time is flying by so fast.... Well for me anyway. 6 months is just about the perfect time
on the mission. not too new, gotten the hang of things, and also not
too dangerously close to the end. I'm actually almost 7 months now but
I'm rounding Down ;).

Did you Ever do Road show? Well our Stake youth did it saturday. The Wards put together
their own one act musical style production. Las Flores did Super Heros
Vs. Super Foods. Costumes and all. It was Super fun! (punn intended)
All the mutual's for months in advance were in preparation and
rehearsal for 2 performances. I can honestly say that It is worth it
in my book. Sister Peterson and I got to go and stand in the back to
watch and they looked like they were having so much fun and I could
just feel the unity and love that they had for each other.

My Birthday was grand. I was well loved and sung to. No Cake but the
Riches put candles into chocolate covered bananas and oranges and I
got to blow them out. It was also a great day for the work too. I
wouldn't have had my 20th any other way than serving the lord. The
work is so fun too.

A Roller Coaster Week but as I look back on all the harder days, I can
see way more blessings than burdens. Tender Mercies are all around us.
I asked for a blessing from my district leader on a particularly hard
day when Satan was throwing everything he had at me. He Convinced me
for a time that I couldn't do anything because I had already messed up
so badly. I want to feel ready and prepared for lessons with
investigators or a particularly busy day and if I'm not I feel very
guilty and have a hard time moving forward. In the blessing I was
promised protection and safety as I am obedient and as I study the
scriptures and pray with a sincere heart. I am ever reminded by others
and by the Lord that I cannot do this work alone. I cannot go through
this life alone. The Good news of the Gospel is that I don't have to.
We have a loving Heavenly Father who sent a Savior for us, to help us
overcome our mistakes and sins. He will always be there. We just have
to do our part to reach out to him, to keep the commandments so we can
receive the blessings that he want to give us and he knows we need but
that are conditional upon our asking for them. I know that Heavenly
Father is there for us and that his son, Jesus Christ is our Savior
and that he lives. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of
Mormon Through the Gift and power of God and that Its words testify of
Christ. I know that it is true. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister Crossett

(March 13, 2017)

Thanks for all the wise words dad. I believe them :) It isn't about us. It is about the people around us and how we can be a light and an example for them. In word and In deed. I'm still working on that one but I have definitely seen that work on my mission. This week has been filled with many opportunities for teaching for sister Peterson and I. We are very overwhelmed and excited and grateful for the work we have been given and for Gods trust in us with these people. Taught a family of five the restorations on Monday and they agree to read the Book of Mormon but they want their space to do so. We would love to be able to read with them or meet with them to teach them more but we also need to respect their wishes. They are so kind and accepting of us and when we asked the ward members if they knew any of them we found many connections and friends already there. It was a comfort to me to know that there is always hope and Heavenly Father has a Grander plan than we could ever imagine. We just hope and pray that the spirit of the Book of Mormon with the help of the ward members encouragement will open the Derby families heart to the joy and light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also were able to teach a woman named Gladys and her two kids on Wednesday. Gladys has a Great testimony of heavenly Father and a real love for her family. We shared the first two teaching points with her and the spirit was so Strong. I felt inspired to talk to her about baptism right then and there. I asked her if she came to know that the things we were teaching her were true would she be baptized and she said yes. We invited her to pray to know if this was the path that God wanted for her and her family. We are going to go back and teach her more on Wednesday. We are so excited for her! 

I know that through faith and repentance we can receive the joy and hope that come through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Whenever I have felt lost or upset on my mission I have traced the reason back to a lack of connection with My Heavenly Father. He has all the answers and he want to help us and bless us. He knows what we want and he knows what we need. We just need to ask. Prayer is an essential part of the doctrine of Christ. To build our FAITH we must pray, study the scriptures, and go to church. Ask, Seek, Knock. I know these principles are true. Take your questions to our Father in Heaven. He knows so much more than we do. I was studying this morning in Alma 22 where Aaron is teaching the king what we have to do to have this hope and joy that is talked about from the spirit of the lord. I learned these word. 

Kneel Humbly,
Cry Mightily,
Stand Faithfully.

I don't have much else to say other than I love you. I pray for you. All is well here. I am in good hands. Thank you always for your examples and testimonies as loving parents in the kingdom.

Sister Crossett

(March 20, 2017)

Though I can't send all my extended family individual emails will you let them all know I love them and am so grateful for the examples they are and have been in my life? 

 We had a very special zone conference with Elder Tad R. Callister on Thursday.  He taught us more about the Atonement. I really learned a lot and I know that learning more about the Atonement will help us to better apply it and have more motivation to move forward. We need to continue to study and pray to gain strength and find answers. I know that as we put in the Practice and continue to be obedient to the commandments and the principals that Heavenly Father has asked us to live by, we will be able to do his work and be happy doing it.

Then on Saturday Sister Peterson and I got to go to a Persian new Year party that the mission president requested we put on because of all the Persian work here in California.  All 6 of the non member Iranian people we invited came, and they all had a blast. There was authentic Persian food and live music and dancing. As missionaries we just had fun watching it all. Such a different culture but so kind and curious to learn more. One of the families we invited actually came to church on Sunday so that was a blessing! It was our ward conference so the bishop and Stake president talked to us and The Dad and his son loved it. They said they would definitely want to come back and we will hopefully get to teach them this week. 

I hope and pray that Heavenly Father will continue to work through me, a weak and simple servant, to bring about his intricate plan for each of his children. I am ever thankful for my call to serve and hope that each of you will ask yourself what the Lord needs you to do today. 

Sister Crossett

Monday, February 27, 2017

"Be Still, And know that I am God"

 (Feb. 21, 2017)

The hairdo's were done at the YW Presidents house over dinner. They liked my French braided bun and wanted me to do theirs too. It was super fun :) 

Transfer calls were on saturday and I am staying in Las Flores with sister Peterson. There must be more for us to do :) I am so excited to find out what that is and to be an instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands. Its been a little different to have to adjust to no changes this time. The Elders in our Ward are staying too. There must be something I still need to learn from them, too. 

Sunday I was able to sing in Sacrament meeting. It was a great tool for inviting people to church. " Hey I'm singing in church this Sunday and you are invited to come" :) a lot of people actually said they would. When the day arrived we thought no one came because we walked in late after trying to go pick up our investigators daughter. As we sat there in the front row of the overflow seats, we noticed a familiar head of hair in front of us. It was a less active we had been stopping by for a while and she hadn't been to church for about 10 years. I sang "How Great Thou Art". A Beautiful piano arrangement of it  that a member found for me. It was exactly what I wanted and needed and It was a great blessing to me. As I sang I got a little carried away in the spirit and forgot the words to the next verse. I stopped for a minute, found my place and started again. Though I was a little disappointed for it, everyone I talked to said they didn't notice. It was just what it needed to be. All of the other talks were amazing, too and also just what was needed, especially for who was there. 

I am so grateful for the testimony I am still gaining and for the opportunity I have to share that with others. I know that Joseph Smith did see our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ in the Sacred Grove and because of that, the Gospel Of Jesus Christ that he established while he was on the earth is restored today. I am so Grateful for the restored Priesthood Power on the Earth today. The authority to act in Gods name to strengthen and bless his children now and throughout eternity. I know that as we are obedient to the commandments and endure, and enjoy, to the end, we will be able to be happy here on earth and throughout eternity. 

I may need to go in and be checked for what exactly is causing all my stomach problems. It is getting progressively worst but I am slowly figuring it out. I just might need a professionals opinion. I just thought I would let you know but there is no cause for alarm.

Be safe, Be patient, Be grateful, Be faithful. I love you so much and know that you can do it. 

Have a Great week!

(Feb 27th, 2017)

So, I told you that my stomach problems were getting much worse and I have tried everything that I could think of. Because I thought it was a food allergy. I started taking everything out of my diet. That was not the thing to do.  I enlisted the help of our mission mom and mission Doctor for help and they gave more suggestions. Do you remember Doctor Bowser that I was telling you about? Well we went in for our follow up appointment for our backs and I thought that maybe I would ask him if he could tell me anything about what is going on with my stomach and he read my body.  My body said that It was not a food allergy or Irritable Bowel. He said it was being caused by an emotional stress. My body said I'm too hard on myself and I agreed with him. I guess I needed a professional to tell me something that everyone else has been already telling me to believe it. I'm working on my Hakuna Matata and its going very well.

 It is no coincidence that your message completely goes along with the message that I wanted to share with all of you today. The phrase, "Walk in the Light" has been my focus and Mantra for this week as well as the Scripture in Psalms 46:10 "Be Still, And know that I am God". 

Walking in the Light for me means that we are constantly moving forward, repenting and accessing the full measure of the Atonement. This has become our districts focus for this transfer. I think it will really help us focus on the Atonement and how to share it with others. I don't think I've ever thought about that Scripture in Psalms like this before. It especially stood out to me yesterday. I didn't feel as prepared as we could be for a Sunday as a missionary. I woke up with this thought on my mind and it really became the theme of the day. As I just did my best to be myself and to be obedient, Heavenly Father was able to work with my abilities to bring about his purposes. (Exodus 14:13-14) Down to the people we passed in the hall being exactly the people we needed to talk to, it was just a great day. The Elders had 2 of their investigators there and we had another less active that we had been working with for a while come with her little boy. It was just a great day. I know that as we don't go "beyond the mark" so to speak, but just do our best and be ourselves and have faith that Heavenly Father will bring about his purposes, we will find ourselves right where we need to be on the path and we will be able to help his Children on that path back to him, too. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Psalms 46:10 

Sister Crossett

Monday, February 13, 2017

Look to Christ in Every Thought

It's strange to have your child giving you advice. But also really nice and really good advice.

"Mother Dear I love you so" :)

I'm Glad that you are keeping busy with the things you love. Just don't get lost in the things you love. Does that make sense?

I've learned a few things about teenagers out here. Sydney Smith is one of our investigators right now. She is [a lot like Anne]  . . . she is always at church, goes to seminary and mutual. She is fully involved with the yw, she loves it. She is so fast and always with her friends.

On Friday we had a really special Sisters Conference for all the sisters in the mission. There were so many things said that I know were exactly what other sisters needed to hear, as well as myself. Sister Adriane Colman (a missionary mom who lives in our mission) shared a life changing presentation on our thoughts (which coincide with Carol Tuttle's books and thoughts) Just to have positive thoughts and not let the negative thought or events block you or weigh you down is what I've been practicing since Sister Coleman talked to us. I have noticed a big change in my mood and also in sister Peterson's mood. It really is that attitude of gratitude, and looking to Christ in every thought, that makes the trial or challenge more bearable and even allows us to see what Heavenly Father is trying to teach us in the situation or what we can gain from it. I am so Grateful for the Atonement and for the gift of repentance and change through his sacrifice. 

My Exchange with Sister Berg on Saturday was an amazing day as well. She is just a baby in the mission, almost 12 weeks out. Although she is older than me it was cool to be the older one in mission terms. As we worked hard and talked to as many people as passed by, and as we were obedient and followed the Promptings of the spirit we were able to see many miracles. We were walking down a street and there was a mail man out doing his job and as we almost passed by he called out to us and asked who we were. We introduced ourselves and asked his name which was Nick. We asked if he lived around the area and he said he lived close to Disneyland, so the Anaheim mission. We then asked if he would be interested in missionaries coming to his house to teach him about Jesus Christ and he said an absolute Yes. We were very astonished but so grateful to get a referral for the missionaries over there.

Another really cool Miracle that happened was while we were visiting a less active named Annika in our ward. She has been struggling with smoking and didn't have the hope of being able to quite but we wanted to invite her to ARP. 

Side note: I don't know if I've talked a lot about ARP but I absolutely love it and wish I could go every week just to feel of the spirit in the room that is comparable to the temple. Everyone should go in reality. We are all addicted to something and It is an amazing program for Accessing and using the Atonement in our lives.

 We talked at her door for a while and She was having a really Good day. The conversation lead us right into bringing up ARP and she seemed interested in going. I know this Program will help her understand how to use the Atonement in her own life and be able to change. I am so excited for her. As sister Berg and I were evaluating the day I asked her what I could do to improve and work on. She said that I need to work on just being myself and using my talents and gifts as I talk to others. I was so grateful for that counsel. We had such a fun day together including getting Waffles at a waffle truck at the apartment complex "Sable" where all our investigators come from :). I Got a gluten Free nutella and fruit waffle. . . .I am so excited to clean up my [eating habits] and I feel great :) 

My emails are still very random but I hope it gets the point across what I am trying to say to people and to you mom. I love and appreciate you and your little girl is doing just fine :)

I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and if we put our faith and trust in Him, and In his son Jesus Christ, and keep our thoughts positive and centered on him,  We can rise above all the trials and temptations that will come and be able to become more like Him.

D&C 6:36


Sister Crossett

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Short and Sweet

Grace sent some sweet messages to her sisters in the email this week.  She mentioned seeing glimpses of the Super Bowl through peoples windows, and that her fellow missionary Elder Williams, as a Patriots fan and a native Texan, was practically in tears because of the sacrifice of not being able to watch.  But here are some great thoughts she'd like to share with everyone.  

Did I tell you about Elder Zhao and Elder Williams that we ward share with? Elder Zhao is Chinese, learning English and he has an amazing singing voice. When he sings in Chinese, you don't need to know the words to feel of his amazing, firm testimony.  It is incredible. That is so cool about Sister Law. I'll have to tell Sister Jensen about it. We are helping her with service on Wednesday. 

Sister Law is a missionary serving in our ward.  She grew up to age 8 in the ward where Grace is serving.  Sister Jensen is who Sister Law identified as her "second mom" and she still lives in the Las Flores Ward. Cool connection.  

This week was a Roller Coaster and the work was slow, but yesterday was a great Fast Sunday and Prayers and concerns were answered as I turned outward towards others. We found a new investigator named Alma :) She said she is going to put the book of Mormon on her bed stand and read it every night and pray to know if it is true. It was all made possible because of obedience, patience, and charity. I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide and direct us always. I would be lost without it and just want everyone to have it, too. Never Give up, even when it's hard. Press forward against the adversary for Christ grace is just around the Corner. 
2 Nephi 31:20  I know as we feast upon the words of Christ we will have eternal life.

Love to you always,
Sister Crossett

Grace's birthday is coming up at the end of this month.  The 28th.  I'm sure she'd love to receive cards and letter's. (She doesn't need gifts, but if you really want to, a visa gift card or similar would be nice.)   The address is on the web version of this blog, but I'll also put it here.  
 Sister Grace Crossett  
 California Irvine Mission  
 23 Lake Road  
 Irvine, CA 92604-4579. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Health, Change and Music

Well you are so right dad that you have to choose if its going to be a good day or week. This week was amazing though. I think for a number of reasons. The First one I've thought of is that sister Peterson and I finally went to the a chiropractor on wednesday. Not just a pop, pop, Crack, Crack chiropractor though. His name is Doctor Bowser ( haha very Ironic I know) and he has a very special technique that is very similar to the nutrition specialist and reading your body to let it tell you what you need. No pops necessary. My neck and shoulder had been bugging me and so he used an activation clicker thing to try to get the vertebrae back in place. He said that it was primarily because of bad posture when sitting, standing and also from how we sleep. My pillow is fine, but he gave us both an exercise to do to help us improve our posture and I have been really trying to sit up straight and sleep on my back and not pop my back on my own, like he said. It is building new muscle to support the weight of my neck arms in a new way. Way too much info there but I am definitely taking you both to Doctor Bowser when you come to visit my mission.

Another reason I think I have been feeling better and having so much success is because I have been eating healthier. Gluten/dairy free as much as possible and either doing abb workouts ( sister johnson our roommate has insanity) and Im up to running 2 miles on treadmill​ every other day. I am back to 150 and hope to lose soon. hopefully I get the discs in the mail today dad. I'm super excited. :) By the way I got your letter on Thursday mom and sister peterson and I are going to try that recipe for hockey pucks even though we don't love the name :/ 

Reason number 3 is that I have really felt this weeks theme.  Change.  Being with sister Peterson has really helped me to take the lead in my area and use my personality to be more bold and friendly with people. Depending on who I am with, I can be more reserved or I can be more bold and outward moving. Because sister Peterson is a more reserved person and I am. It brings out my outward movement more. Because of this I have really been able to be myself and practice and learn how to talk to strangers more comfortably. I also don't want to leave sister Peterson in the dust so to speak. I want to help her with knowing the strengths that she contributes to the world and to the work. She can be hard on herself and not always feel adequate around me and I don't want that. I have been praying to be able to recognize her strengths to help her recognize them. She is so sweet and calm. She helps me to just go with the flow and we have really grown close and work very well together ( we believe she's a 2 but still figuring it out). We have seen soooo many miracles this week with just being in the right place at the right time and I am so grateful for the change that is coming because of daily repentance and accepting the gift of the atonement each day. Our Zone training meeting was kind of the start of this theme of change for me. I desire to change. Yesterday I kind of got carried away with the work a little too much and I missed the mark. There needs to be a balance in following Gods will and being bold. If you go too far, He can't work through you and If you don't give enough then He can't work through you as well, either. Some really cool scriptures to check out about consecration is Alma 48:14-16 and the scripture I'm memorizing today to go along with my going beyond the mark is Mosiah 4:27. It continues to amaze me just how well Heavenly Father knows us. He knew excalty where and when I needed to read that scripture to help me with what I am going through right now. I know that if we follow the promptings of the spirit and are in an environment and state to receive them, then we can and will be instruments in Gods hand to do His work and will.

I thought of something else I want for my birthday. Music!! I have been vegging off of my comps music for ages. Would It be too much to ask for a Usb with music on it. I love efy/ the youth albums. "Some one he can Count on" "Look up" "lift your eye" "Its not about you" "You already know it" are a few that I've come to love that you might be able to find on lds.org. Also I would love some motab and any instrumental classical stuff you can find. So the 3 cars we have in the mission are Chevy cruises, which we have right now, and they don't have usb ports. But the Toyota Corollas and Chevy Malibu's do. Maybe we'll get one soon because they are trying to get rid of the Chevy cruses( many a trip to the shop in those :)) so I'd love a usb. but maybe if you could send a few mormon tab CD's and some classical that would be amazing! I'm still looking for a bag but I'm going to try and find one myself and I think I might buy myself a set of PJs too. Is that OK for my Birthday Presents?

I love you guys! give my love and support to the girls and also to the ward and our neighbors. 

Just keep Swimming!


Sister Crossett

Monday, January 23, 2017

Remember the Good

Elder Williams, Elder Zhao, Sister Peterson, Sister Crossett

(To Dad)

hahah dad, you're so funny :) we are not allowed to teach on yachts I believe. We are also not allowed on the sand at all but I haven't served close to the coast yet so I don't have to worry about that yet. We have a trail in our area that we walk to contact every once in a while but we do, do a lot of tracting and member work. I guess its different for every mission what is the most effective. Keep Brian in your prayers. I'm sending mom more info about him. 

I don't believe that  I'm almost 20. It's super weird that I will never be considered a teen again. I am excited for what the future holds though. About a birthday gift, I have no Idea. I am getting rid of/giving away a lot of clothes that I don't wear or don't work for me anymore but I am also getting new things from other sisters so I think I'm good on clothes unless you guys can find me a patterned Amelia dress from LuLaRoe that I talked to mom about. I am purchasing my own new umbrella today if that's ok.
(To Mom)

We actually seem to be the permanent subs for YW's and we got to teach the mia maids recently. They are quiet, which is funny because I remember mia maids for me being the same.

Its so cool that Dawn memorized the hymn book. I have been thinking that I need to memorize more hymns, as well, so I can use them just like memorized scripture verses for people that we teach or contact.

You will have to send me lots of pictures, or what ever you can send, of Mary Poppins and all the other musicals you and the girls participate in while I'm on my mission. I'm sad to miss them but am so excited for you to be able to continue doing what you love.

Dad said you guys got more snow. We've been having lots of storms here as well. Just rain, but a lot of it. I love rain storms. Driving was super in it too. Also kinda scary because California doesn't normally get rain so they aren't equipped with the proper drainage systems so it was flooding. We are all good though :) The Drought is definitely ending :)

Along with our other investigators, our investigator Brian has been on my mind this week. We haven't been able to get in contact with him recently but we plan to this week. He is very interested in learning about all different religions. He is also very proof and evidence oriented but he has the desire to find the truth from God. We have had two lessons with him in which we shared the restoration and answered his questions and listened to him compare verses from the bible. I want him so badly to understand that if he will use Moroni's promise, he will find the truth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and has such a converting power in missionary work. I have also been reminded this week that we have a choice whether to listen to the lie of Satan and his angels or not.

Yesterday was also a really cool day. We had an amazing sacrament meeting and 2nd and 3rd hour lessons as well. The theme of the day seemed to be, receiving personal revelation. We reviewed Joseph Smith history in Gospel Doctrine and then talked about asking in faith and humility in Relief Society. It's so cool how the spirit ties everything together like that. Then after church we had ward counsel where our Ward mission leader, Brother Gaya (who didn't have the opportunity to serve a mission) relayed some thoughts from our stakes mission counsel meeting that President Clark was able to attend as well. He expressed the importance of member missionary work and also members present at lessons and I felt a sense of unity about it from the whole ward counsel. It is so important for the members of the ward to help fellowship those we teach, into the ward. It was a reminder to me that we as missionaries, are just the teachers. We don't have to do all the work ourselves. We have a wonderful ward and leaders to help us.

I know that if we have faith and diligence in what the lord has called us to do, He will provide a way for us to do it. I hope you are all having a good week and remembering the good in yourself and in the world.

I love you!!!

Sister Crossett