Monday, November 28, 2016

goodbye Live Oak Canyon

We got a message from a ward member on Sunday telling us that Grace is being transferred! And how much they are going to miss her! And then another email this morning, before I got the letter from Grace.  
So sister Crossett is transferred!!! I'm so so sad about that! It's inevitable obviously but I've been dreading that and wish they'd have left her here through the holidays! She bore a truly beautiful testimony yesterday in ward council and then I asked her to bear testimony and say the closing prayer in RS. SHES JUST THE EPITOME OF GRACE, gentleness, sweetness and well so many things!!! She and sister Brown are a dynamic pair that are perfect representatives of the church!!! I know you miss her but she is doing great things and will come home to you more amazing than ever!!! I love Sister Crossett!!! She's going to Mission Viejo. Las Flores Ward. That is most likely a young ward and I know they will love her!!! Thanks Laura for raising a total jewel!!

yes, I am being transferred. It was a surprise again but Heavenly Father was preparing me for it too. I am leaving RSM Zone, Live Oak Canyon Ward and Headed to Mission Viejo Zone, Las Flores Ward with Sister Hawkins who was in my District with me in the MTC. Cool huh!? I'm Sad to leave but am excited to learn from new people and experiences. I know that though I didn't see any big numbers while I was here, I did make a difference and touch heart and plant seeds that will grow into many numbers. I trust that I helped in Heavenly Fathers Plan here.

Our Thanksgiving was pretty cool. We ended up going to Bishop owens house. All his family was there plus every year they go pick up Some marines to have over for a home cooked thanksgiving dinner. We were seated right across the table from four young marines and it was so cool to talk with them and exchange experiences. What they go through is very similar to what missionary life is like. Just in a different genre of thinking :) They asked us a lot of questions about what we did as missionaries and it was cool to share that with them. later we shared a lesson with the whole owens family plus the marines. It was about gratitude and we shared the story of Captain moroni with them. It was powerful and Bishop Owens later told us that as he was driving them back one of the marines said he really loved the message and was truely touched. We thought we might not beable to get much work done on a holiday but that was a miracle to us.

Sunday was a great day as well. I especially liked a talk given by brother Williams. He talked about gratitude and how to have it, we must Engage in Thanks-living rather than just thanksgiving. gratitude is much more than just recognizing the things we are grateful for. It is Showing Heavenly Father through word and deed that we truely apprieciate the things he has given us. I'm going to try and live in thanks-living this coming transfer and invite everyone to try it. I also had many opportunities to bear my testimony yesterday Because I would be leaving. I know that through our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement, we will be refined and changed to become more like Him and to walk in his paths.

With All the love I have,
Sister Crossett

Monday, November 21, 2016

Last week of my training.

(a compilation of info from three letters this week)

Answers to some of your questions.  Some good habits I'm creating. I definitely pray a lot more during my day. Our Stake President gave us a challenge to restart and finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.  I really want to finish and really dive into the scriptures.  

We have 9 o'clock church and we normally go to all the meetings.  We don't have any investigators still so we don't have anyone other than less-actives to look for.  We try and talk to people and ask how they are doing. I really love the relief society sisters and I almost know all of their names now! We meet at the Stake Center about 5 minutes from our apartment and I think it is just Santa Margarita Ward and our ward that meets there.  

Sister Brown is the coolest. She has been out for 9 months and was also half trained by sister Bambas (by the way, Sister Bambas goes home on Dec. 1st. We call our trainers our moms as missionaries and the family tree continues from there. :) It's so funny; All the missionary terms and traditions.  It's like a a whole other culture inside our LDS culture. )  Sister Brown is such a consecrated and obedient missionary and she just got done telling me how I need to just let things go and sort out what matters most. 

We have a laundry room in our complex that we use. 

We are scheduled to have dinner at our Bishops house for Thanksgiving.... and also the Mausse families house. I don't know how that will work out exactly but I will be well fed, that's for sure. The bishop always has marines over for thanksgiving so that will be really cool too. 

Sister Brown is so funny... I love her. It can be hard at times to work with her because she doesn't understand that I need a break sometimes.  She just wants to go go go and talk to people. But she is patient with me and I am trying to be patient with her. We are in this together so we have to compromise. I have learned so much from her and she has really pushed me to work hard and not worry so much sometimes. 

Transfers are coming up and this week Is the last week of my training. We don't know what will happen but I am preparing myself for anything. We had another exchange on Saturday. I stayed in my area and Sister Suchanski came to work with me. She is amazing and was so accepting and patient with me. It was easier to be bold when working with her because I knew the area and had to speak out when she didn't. She taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of as a missionary. 
We Talked to a lady at a park that was really nice and asked so many genuine questions. It was a good day. We were able to follow the promptings of the spirit and feel good about our accomplishments. 

 In my studies this morning I was studying how to live what I learn in PMG. I learned that we truly do need to be willing and open to what Counsel God Gives us through our study and also through others. We also need to "Treasure Up continually" The things that He teaches us, which means that we need to ponder and apply it in our own lives. Make an Action Plan for how you will apply what you learn and how you will work towards your goals each day. I know that as we follow the promptings of The Spirit in faith we will be able to see miracles and be Gods hands here on earth. I know that Heavenly Father wants to help us and listens to our prayers. If we act on the counsel He gives, we can receive even more counsel and help through the Holy Ghost. 

I love you all and think of you often. Have a happy, comfortable week.

Sister Crossett

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Missionary Parents and Angels

Our 15+ year old Russian Blue Cat passed away over the weekend after some stressful days of sickness and I had shared with Grace how I had prayed for angels to help him and us get through it peacefully, which they did. 

Thank you for your letters!

I am sad about Rico, but I love to hear about your angels. Today has been a pretty rough day for me. p-days are not as relaxing as I would like. Today we went to a members house who has a modest clothing store in her home. I have been wanting a simple black and also navy skirt. There wasn't anything there for me because I'm so picky. Sister Brown just says beggars cant be choosers but I'm not going to buy something that I'm not going to like or wear. Then shopping for a watch was timely. I ended up getting a white one with a silver rim on it. It was more expensive but it should last longer and I think I made the right decision. I know I sound in a rut, which I am, but It will probably pass by tomorrow. Sometimes I have a bad day but that's ok because the Atonement is real. I just need to believe it. 

(in response to Dad's letter and questions)

I'll miss the snow this Christmas but I definitely won't miss the lights. Everyone here is loaded and there are some very devoted decorators around here. It will be fun to see. I'll have to get some pictures for you.

Transfers are every six weeks on a Tuesday. We are thinking we will both stay here. I'm hoping at least. We are getting fed better than we have been for dinners. Someone new was called to help with the calendar and he is really good at making sure we are fed so its all good. We normally have breakfast and lunch at home. I try to keep cooking simple and get things that don't take long for lunch. ....(minor issues)... other than that, I'm healthy.   Thanks for reminding me about the Angels.  

(Back to mom's letter)

On Friday we got to go to a really cool Missionary parent dinner. Almost All of the missionary parents from the ward were there including a non-member couple (The Hinkles) with a daughter out on a mission. It was a cool way to get to know them in a more casual setting. The members there were really accepting and welcoming to them too. After dinner we sat in the living room and went around the circle sharing one fun story, and one inspirational story about their missionaries (our Missions). I shared about my first tracting experience where Sister Bambas got heat exhaustion, and then I shared about how I am so blessed with the knowledge that As I open my mouth to share the gospel, it will be filled. It takes faith and courage but I know The spirit will give me the words to say. Even if they aren't perfect, they will be what that person needs. I know that as I shared that story, It was what the Hinkles needed to hear. 

I know that as we go about our daily lives and remember the spiritual and testimony building experiences, It will confirm to us what we know to be true and how we can improve in the future. I know that through service and selflessness to others, our loads will be lightened and we will be blessed. I know that the Atonement Of Jesus Christ is meant for each individual person and that each of us matter to him.

Keep praying for me,
I love and miss you. 

Sister Crossett 

Monday, November 7, 2016

more and more

Hey mom!
I'm Glad your doing well :) We Decided to email first thing after our studies this morning. Sister Brown always did it that way with her other companions so I decided to try it. I think it will help me be less stressed about it through out the day if I just get it done first thing. I'm so sorry I didn't send you any letters this week answering your questions. I just didn't get the time to. Im so sorry I didn't really send you a birthday note either. I promise I didn't forget. I was thinking of you all day though and I thought you would understand.

Its so cool that president Tate Talked about the penny thing because our Relief Society lesson was all about that same thing. We need to step back and see the bigger piture and realize all the good rather than just focusing on the pebble (penny) over our eye. That gave me great comfort as well. I'm so happy that you were able to just take it all in and feel the spirits healing. I kind of had that same thing happen to me as well. The first Sunday of every month there is a Temple music Devotional at the stake Center Across from the new Port Beach temple where missionaries and members of the stake in charge that month perform musical numbers. We went last nigh because sister brown is one of the mission music coordinatiors. It was so nice to just sit there and feel the spirit of peace and comfort that comes from hymns and songs of praise to our Heavenly Father. I am coming to love and appreciate music even more now.

This week we were in an area that I was prompted to visit that day. It was hot and we were tired and not super motivated. We passed a street that one of our potential investigators lived on and sister Brown said we should go back and stop by. Dennis and Amita Were their names. As We walked up the street we saw Dennis out in his yard talking to his landscaper. We walked up as the landscaper was leaving and Said " Hey Dennis". He is Super nice and said " Hey Girls, Pounding the pavement today?" we said yes and asked how he was doing. "not So Good" was his response. He then opened up to us and told us that he had recently found out that his wife had been having an affair for the past nine years. He broke down and said that he was too down to talk today but that he would love to sit down and talk with us soon. Although It was a sad experience to hear about we were grateful he opened up and it is in these times in peoples lives when they are most prepared to receive the restored gospel. It was a Tender mercy for us that day.

I am learning more and more about the atonement and just how personal it is. I know that Jesus Christ actually suffered all the pains, sins and temptations that I am facing right now. He knows Exactly how I feel and can empathize perfectly with me. Because of this I know that He loves us and that He lives. He is always there to help us and to be at our sides.

I love you all!