Monday, June 26, 2017

It heals the soul to serve

 (June 19th)

Its the final week of the transfer again. It Goes so fast now. Before you know it I'll be home. Not yet though. There is still more to learn, more people to help more opportunities to take.

 I truly know that as we make ourselves available and do our part in acting in faith, Heavenly Father will make us instruments in His Hands. It was just so with a young lady we were walking towards on the street yesterday. She was on the phone but she hung up to talk to us. She had just been kicked out of her house and said that God told her to keep walking and she would run into two girls. Well He was right. We walked with her as she talked and we gave her a book of Mormon and our phone number. She said she would read it every night. We were able to say a prayer with her, too and I know that she has great faith and things will work out. All she needs is the Gospel. It was so cool to be an answer to someones prayers. Though we don't have any way of contacting her unfortunately, I know that we will see her again.

Our bishop in San Clemente ward texted us about a non-member lady who needed help moving and was told by her landlord that she should ask the Mormons, they could help. I thought it was cool that even among nonmembers we are known for the Christ like acts that we do.

We had a really Good Sunday yesterday. There was a homecoming in one ward and a farewell in the other. I was able to meet more people and write down their names this time so I can remember them better. The spirit was very strong at both meetings.

I am so Blessed to be able to serve here in this beautiful area of the Lords vineyard. The work, works. Sister Wright and I have seen this as we have pushed through the hard times and reached out to other people. It heals the soul to serve and it also helps Heavenly Father to help his children.

I love you all and know you can do it!

Sister Crossett

 (June 26th)

We went to dinner at the Hansens house and the youngest girl (blonde) was named Lauren, and I told them that was my sisters name. They were a super cool family and they even had a pet rat. He was super fat and his name is Will.

This passed week has been so busy. We found 2 new investigators from just following up with someone who said to come back another time. Amanda and Justin. We taught them the restoration and then just Amanda the plan of Salvation and she has a lot of questions. Then we felt like we should go back to a street we walked down a few weeks ago and so we planned in a time to go tracting there. We were late to our planned time but we both felt prompted to go to a specific house and a lady answered who was super friendly and told us to come back. Then it was time for lunch so we were walking back to our car and we saw a lady watering her lawn. We almost didn't go talk to her but I insisted. Rosie invited us right in and we taught the restoration to her and her husband. They are so humble and ready. On top of all the success we've seen the potentials we have, transfer calls were on Saturday and sister Wright and I are both staying (sister Wrights last transfer so I'll be killing her ;) mission lingo) but the elders in the Forster Ranch ward are both leaving and we are taking on all of their work as well as still covering San Clemente ward. It will be busy but it will be good to keep us motivated and push us to improve. Our investigator Sofia also came to church for the first time Sunday and there was a really good Gospel principals lesson on the holy ghost perfect for her. Miracles are happening and I'm so grateful to be a part of them. I know that Heavenly Father notices even the little things that we do right and blesses us for them. I know that as we continue to diligently study the Book of Mormon and Pray sincerely, we will receive heavens Help in our lives and we will come to know of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel to the earth. I know that families can be together forever through the Plan of Happiness which is centered on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you so much and pray for you daily.

Sister Grace Crossett

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