Monday, June 12, 2017

San Clemente

( May 22 )

 Sister Wright likes to get things done as quick as possible on p-day and the library opens at 10 so we got here just a bit after 10 today. There is so much to write about. I was transferred to the San Clemente Zone and am double covering two wards! Crazy right?! Its different from Utah where they cover multiple stakes but 2 wards is actually pretty overwhelming for me. Sunday was fun :) all day church! It will take some time to adjust again but I am grateful to be stretched and changed. Heavenly Father is continuing to prepare me for my life ahead. The San Clemente and Forster Ranch Wards are our wards. Sister Wright is from Holiday Utah and guess what?! When I asked her where she went to High School She said cottonwood and so apparently she was really good friends with Haley and she was in all the musicals we went to see there. Peter pan and Tarzan and Shrek. Super cool! Maybe if you see Haley you could tell her Caitlin Wright is my new comp. and says hi. sister Wright is very organized and such a good missionary and I'm so excited to grow and learn from her. And We actually have quite a bit of work to do in our two wards. We have an investigator getting baptized on Saturday of this week. Her name is Brooke and she is golden. Though I didn't get to teach her a lot I am grateful to be a part of her conversion to Christ. 

This area has a very different feel than the other areas I've served in. I think the main reason is because it is a beach town. Everyone surfs and goes to the beach all the time. You could call some of  them beach bums but they are still super cool. Our apartment has a cool view of the ocean too, which I have yet to see so far on my mission. It is so beautiful and definitely a blessing while I am getting adjusted to the area and the people and everything new. Though a  lot of people that we talk to here are just not open or willing to listen or too busy, I know that there are those that are prepared for us to teach and invite to come unto Christ. We had a cool experience this week where we were knocking on a door of a potential and I heard a noise like running water and we didn't know exactly where it was coming from. No one answered so we started walking back to our car and sister wright saw a fausset of water on across the street and no one around. We walk over to maybe turn it off and a guy walks out who's name is Dave. He was working on some plumbing stuff but he said we could go by and teach him on Friday. Since then we have picked him up as a new investigator but It is just so interesting how heavenly father leads us to people sometimes. I know that His work is here for all of us and as we continue to keep our covenants and do His will, we will be provided for and see miracles and blessings as we do so. 

Have a Sunny Week! 

Sister Crossett

( May 30 )

I was so very grateful to have been able to be a part of Brookes Baptism on Saturday. She is an example and inspiration to me of someone who has a testimony and wants to share her light with others. It is almost second Nature for her to just love and be kind to others and I know that will only continue to grow. Sister Wright and I are looking forward to a successful week and hope to please the Lord with our efforts to be a little more. I love my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and I want to take advantage of each opportunity that will come in serving and leading others to the Savior. 

Have a blessed day and a miraculous week!

Sister Crossett

( June 5 )

 You are right. All will be fine, good, and right. And you know, its because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is the way. We had a really amazing lesson with our investigator Sofia this week. We reviewed the restoration and invited her to kneel and pray with us to know if what we were teaching her is true. It was so powerful and she has such great faith. She said she felt much more open and comfortable talking to God in the way we taught her. She also was able to come to the adult session of Stake Conference with visiting 70 Elder Cordon. All the messages, especially from elder Cordon where exactly what she needed. He talked about the vital importance of reading the scriptures as a family in the home, and also about keeping the Sabbath day Holy. Sister Wright and I were also able to sing in the stake Choir and I was so grateful for that blessing. We sang a really pretty arrangements of The Lord is My Shepard, and Love at Home. 

I just want to do Gods Work, and please him. Because we are imperfect, we fall short sometimes. That is why I am so grateful for the plan of Happiness, which is centered on Jesus Christ Atonement.  

I don't know what else to say but I love all of you and I hope that you are taking advantage of the opportunities and blessings God has given to you.

Sister Crossett

( June 12 )

Dear mom,
That was perfect. All of what I needed to hear. Make sure, when you are feeling displaced and frazzled, to remember what will never change: Our Heavenly Fathers love, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Eternal Families!!
Thank you for enduring. You are a great example to me on that. Hold to the faith, and the Rod!!

This week has been really Great and we have seen so many miracles. We got a new investigator named Heather and we are so excited to work with her. She was actually raised in the church and was baptized at 8 but had her records removed when she was in college. She is so prepared at this time and wants us to come back. It is early into teaching but we feel very good about her progressing. I was also very grateful that Elder Cordon came to speak to us and It really helped me get good spiritual fuel for the rest of the week. My interview with president and sister Clark was amazing too.  They always say what I need to hear. .  Then to top it off I got to go to the temple with a family name that sister Wright helped me find. Sister Wright is actually really good at it and she helped me find a family name that I took to the  Temple on Saturday. It was so amazing to do that for one of my ancestors. Bertha Lucia Olmstead now just her sealing needs to be done. Their is also a name I've been reserving and it needs a baptism and confirmation maybe Anne would like to do it. 

I love family history and the temple! We have even found more success in talking to people on the street about it and also with less actives I don't know if she accepted it on the other side yet but I know she will and I was able to learn and feel the spirit inspire and teach me while I was there.  I love the temple! Sister Wright is still having a hard time. Satan is working really hard and I know its because he knows that we have some amazing things still in store for us here. I know that through diligent study and prayer, we will gain an increase in the faith that we need to keep being directed by the spirit. 

Grace's Testimony for the girls at Daughters of Zion camp.  

Dear Sisters,
I have been thinking of you a lot. I have been so blessed and have grown so much on my mission and from serving the lord. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including Faith, Repentance, Baptism ( or keeping of Covenants) Receiving the holy Ghost each day and continuing to endure and move forward will help us in all aspects of our lifes. I've seen it work in the lives of the people I have served in California and I have seen it work for me. I know that the love of Our father in heaven and the Gospel is something that will never Change. Hold to your faith. Live what you believe. I love and pray for you sisters. 

Have a great Week!!

Grace Crossett

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