Monday, January 30, 2017

Health, Change and Music

Well you are so right dad that you have to choose if its going to be a good day or week. This week was amazing though. I think for a number of reasons. The First one I've thought of is that sister Peterson and I finally went to the a chiropractor on wednesday. Not just a pop, pop, Crack, Crack chiropractor though. His name is Doctor Bowser ( haha very Ironic I know) and he has a very special technique that is very similar to the nutrition specialist and reading your body to let it tell you what you need. No pops necessary. My neck and shoulder had been bugging me and so he used an activation clicker thing to try to get the vertebrae back in place. He said that it was primarily because of bad posture when sitting, standing and also from how we sleep. My pillow is fine, but he gave us both an exercise to do to help us improve our posture and I have been really trying to sit up straight and sleep on my back and not pop my back on my own, like he said. It is building new muscle to support the weight of my neck arms in a new way. Way too much info there but I am definitely taking you both to Doctor Bowser when you come to visit my mission.

Another reason I think I have been feeling better and having so much success is because I have been eating healthier. Gluten/dairy free as much as possible and either doing abb workouts ( sister johnson our roommate has insanity) and Im up to running 2 miles on treadmill​ every other day. I am back to 150 and hope to lose soon. hopefully I get the discs in the mail today dad. I'm super excited. :) By the way I got your letter on Thursday mom and sister peterson and I are going to try that recipe for hockey pucks even though we don't love the name :/ 

Reason number 3 is that I have really felt this weeks theme.  Change.  Being with sister Peterson has really helped me to take the lead in my area and use my personality to be more bold and friendly with people. Depending on who I am with, I can be more reserved or I can be more bold and outward moving. Because sister Peterson is a more reserved person and I am. It brings out my outward movement more. Because of this I have really been able to be myself and practice and learn how to talk to strangers more comfortably. I also don't want to leave sister Peterson in the dust so to speak. I want to help her with knowing the strengths that she contributes to the world and to the work. She can be hard on herself and not always feel adequate around me and I don't want that. I have been praying to be able to recognize her strengths to help her recognize them. She is so sweet and calm. She helps me to just go with the flow and we have really grown close and work very well together ( we believe she's a 2 but still figuring it out). We have seen soooo many miracles this week with just being in the right place at the right time and I am so grateful for the change that is coming because of daily repentance and accepting the gift of the atonement each day. Our Zone training meeting was kind of the start of this theme of change for me. I desire to change. Yesterday I kind of got carried away with the work a little too much and I missed the mark. There needs to be a balance in following Gods will and being bold. If you go too far, He can't work through you and If you don't give enough then He can't work through you as well, either. Some really cool scriptures to check out about consecration is Alma 48:14-16 and the scripture I'm memorizing today to go along with my going beyond the mark is Mosiah 4:27. It continues to amaze me just how well Heavenly Father knows us. He knew excalty where and when I needed to read that scripture to help me with what I am going through right now. I know that if we follow the promptings of the spirit and are in an environment and state to receive them, then we can and will be instruments in Gods hand to do His work and will.

I thought of something else I want for my birthday. Music!! I have been vegging off of my comps music for ages. Would It be too much to ask for a Usb with music on it. I love efy/ the youth albums. "Some one he can Count on" "Look up" "lift your eye" "Its not about you" "You already know it" are a few that I've come to love that you might be able to find on Also I would love some motab and any instrumental classical stuff you can find. So the 3 cars we have in the mission are Chevy cruises, which we have right now, and they don't have usb ports. But the Toyota Corollas and Chevy Malibu's do. Maybe we'll get one soon because they are trying to get rid of the Chevy cruses( many a trip to the shop in those :)) so I'd love a usb. but maybe if you could send a few mormon tab CD's and some classical that would be amazing! I'm still looking for a bag but I'm going to try and find one myself and I think I might buy myself a set of PJs too. Is that OK for my Birthday Presents?

I love you guys! give my love and support to the girls and also to the ward and our neighbors. 

Just keep Swimming!


Sister Crossett

Monday, January 23, 2017

Remember the Good

Elder Williams, Elder Zhao, Sister Peterson, Sister Crossett

(To Dad)

hahah dad, you're so funny :) we are not allowed to teach on yachts I believe. We are also not allowed on the sand at all but I haven't served close to the coast yet so I don't have to worry about that yet. We have a trail in our area that we walk to contact every once in a while but we do, do a lot of tracting and member work. I guess its different for every mission what is the most effective. Keep Brian in your prayers. I'm sending mom more info about him. 

I don't believe that  I'm almost 20. It's super weird that I will never be considered a teen again. I am excited for what the future holds though. About a birthday gift, I have no Idea. I am getting rid of/giving away a lot of clothes that I don't wear or don't work for me anymore but I am also getting new things from other sisters so I think I'm good on clothes unless you guys can find me a patterned Amelia dress from LuLaRoe that I talked to mom about. I am purchasing my own new umbrella today if that's ok.
(To Mom)

We actually seem to be the permanent subs for YW's and we got to teach the mia maids recently. They are quiet, which is funny because I remember mia maids for me being the same.

Its so cool that Dawn memorized the hymn book. I have been thinking that I need to memorize more hymns, as well, so I can use them just like memorized scripture verses for people that we teach or contact.

You will have to send me lots of pictures, or what ever you can send, of Mary Poppins and all the other musicals you and the girls participate in while I'm on my mission. I'm sad to miss them but am so excited for you to be able to continue doing what you love.

Dad said you guys got more snow. We've been having lots of storms here as well. Just rain, but a lot of it. I love rain storms. Driving was super in it too. Also kinda scary because California doesn't normally get rain so they aren't equipped with the proper drainage systems so it was flooding. We are all good though :) The Drought is definitely ending :)

Along with our other investigators, our investigator Brian has been on my mind this week. We haven't been able to get in contact with him recently but we plan to this week. He is very interested in learning about all different religions. He is also very proof and evidence oriented but he has the desire to find the truth from God. We have had two lessons with him in which we shared the restoration and answered his questions and listened to him compare verses from the bible. I want him so badly to understand that if he will use Moroni's promise, he will find the truth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and has such a converting power in missionary work. I have also been reminded this week that we have a choice whether to listen to the lie of Satan and his angels or not.

Yesterday was also a really cool day. We had an amazing sacrament meeting and 2nd and 3rd hour lessons as well. The theme of the day seemed to be, receiving personal revelation. We reviewed Joseph Smith history in Gospel Doctrine and then talked about asking in faith and humility in Relief Society. It's so cool how the spirit ties everything together like that. Then after church we had ward counsel where our Ward mission leader, Brother Gaya (who didn't have the opportunity to serve a mission) relayed some thoughts from our stakes mission counsel meeting that President Clark was able to attend as well. He expressed the importance of member missionary work and also members present at lessons and I felt a sense of unity about it from the whole ward counsel. It is so important for the members of the ward to help fellowship those we teach, into the ward. It was a reminder to me that we as missionaries, are just the teachers. We don't have to do all the work ourselves. We have a wonderful ward and leaders to help us.

I know that if we have faith and diligence in what the lord has called us to do, He will provide a way for us to do it. I hope you are all having a good week and remembering the good in yourself and in the world.

I love you!!!

Sister Crossett

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Last week was so cool!

So funny story, (because I had just told her she should try having green smoothies for health) Sister Peterson tries to do mostly protein shakes and she brought a ninja blender with her so maybe i'll have to try it :) I did get your letter yesterday. Normally the zone leaders pick up all the mail that goes to the main office and bring it to Zone- Activity on P-days at 2:30 so I got it then. I know you want to send me stuff so I can read it during the week but I am ok with just getting letters on p-day now. I just don't have confidence in my ability to send you the correct address. Because it was a holiday yesterday the library was closed so we get to email today. That's how it is with every holiday. Our Apt complex does have a business center with computers but they are very slow and don't always work so we just do the library here.

Last week was so cool. On Friday we had a our Second lesson with a man Names Brian that we contacted out side his garage. He is a Born-again Christian and he is so smart and knows the bible really well. He is interested in learning about lots of different religions and he is super nice. Our lessons are more like question Answer sessions though. He has some differing beliefs than we do but he says he comes into the lessons with an open mind and he believes in truth being absolute. We are not what the future holds with him but we hope that he can realize the importance of the message. Also last Weekend our stake had what they call mini MTC. It is where the laurels and Priests of the stake get a companion, stay with a host family, have workshops and devotionals about missionary work and get to teach real investigators or Less active Members. Sister Peterson and I got to go to the closing testimony meeting and it was amazing the strength and desires of these teenagers and their excitement and eagerness to serve missions. As the world keeps getting darker and harder the valiant "Army of Helaman" gets stronger and more firm in their faith and testimonies. I Know Heavenly father loves all his children and has a plan for us. I love this work and I am enjoying every minute of it. I know if we just try our best to be obedient to the commandments and have faith. We will be strengthened through our trials and find joy even in the hard time.

Lot of love and Prayers,
Sister Crossett

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I know My Heavenly Father Loves Me


I dont have a lot of time to email today because we are meeting some sisters at the MV (Mission Viejo) Stake Center to have them say good bye to sister Hawkins. Yes we called it. She is being transferred. The Cool thing is, that her new companion is sister Hill, her roommate from the MTC whom she adores. I'm super excited for her and who knows, maybe I'll get put with MTC comp. someday as well. Sister Peterson will be my New Companion and so I am leading out the area again after only being in it for one transfer. I am honored that Heavenly Father trusts me to do this 2X in a row. I as not as worried as I was last time. Heavenly Father will Provide a way and guide and direct me through it. We are trying something new for this transfer. Instead of having a transfer meeting where we all meet in one place and get introduced to our new zones and then we all go out in the parking lot and move luggage to new cars, we get our Transfer Calls on Saturday night and then we have to be responsible for arranging to meet and move to our new areas and new companions. And we have to do it all on P-day along with all of our other things to do. Today is Going to Be Crazy but we are following what President has asked us to do. 

I am doing great though. We had Zone 24's on Saturday which is just a zone wide Exchange ( explained by Janus to be a huge mix and match of missionaries in the zone meeting in one then going to all different places for the day.) and then stake conference with Elder Anderson of the 70 visiting. It was amazing and I am really learning and gaining a better testimony of the Atonement and faith than I've ever had before. Especially with the Journey that sister Hawkins and I have been on, it really has taught me that we need to do all we can and then Christ will help us with the rest. 2 nephi 25:23. 


While sharing that scripture with the Holidays ( a young couple in our ward that has the missionaries over every sunday night) last night, I was feeling very unloved and unappreciated and after we shared that message Brother Holiday expressed his love and appriecation to me, to all of us and it really was a tender mercy that I didn't even ask for. Because of this I know my Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be happy. Wherever we are in the world we can feel of his love through the Holy Ghost as we stand in holy places and do all we can to be obedient to his commandments. 

I love you all! 


sister Crossett

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Keep looking for the good

Last Week was rough but was also very good. I have been focusing more on gratitude and finding the good in every moment and it is helping me get through my critical and perfectionist thoughts. I read Sarah's letter too and she sounds like she had a blast in the MTC and she is going to be a killer missionary. This Saturday Is transfer calls and Sister Hawkins Thinks she is leaving but Anything could happen. No new missionaries are coming in this next transfer so we are both in the clear for training someone. We'll See what happens. If you end up sending me letters, could you just send them to the mission office. I think it will be easier . . . that way. Also . . . I am finally accepting my fate and going Gluten and dairy free... or at least when buying and eating groceries from home. At members homes I will avoid it as much as I can but I don't want to inconvenience anyone so I'm not going to make it widely known. I don't know. Maybe Ill change my mind and make it known but for now I am going to leave it at that. Oh and I also Got a Black Blazer with stretching fabric from target and I love it!!! It was 30 Dollars but I think it was worth it. I used the 20 dollar gift card to target that we all got from President and Sister Clark and then the rest on the America First Card.  

We had a really cool miracle this week... Even through all the struggles and the stress. We were tracting in the Sable apartments and this younger gentleman was outside sweeping his porch on the top floor. We stopped and asked if he would be interested in hearing a message and he said he didn't have time right then so we went down to the first floor and were going to knock a few more doors. As We were walking down there, the same gentleman called down to us and said "what if I told you I had the desire to believe in God but I am a very factual person and need evidence?" We than said we could help him with that. He invited us back up and we gave him a Book of Mormon and shared the restoration with him. He was a very smart person and understood most of what we said. He also said he didn't believe in coincidences and was very surprised that he reached out to us and invited us back up after turning us down first. He said he felt a "good energy" about us and we are definitely going to follow up with him.

I know that when we are obedient and keep looking for the tender mercies and blessings from Heavenly Father, we can see miracles happen and that we will find even more joy.

I apologize if I sounded short today. Its been a rough morning but I know it will pass as I keep looking for the good and Trusting in Heavenly Father. 

Just Keep Swimming,

Sister Crossett

On Sunday I received a wonderful text from an anonymous ward member.  It said:
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your daughter with our ward here in Las Flores. She bore the sweetest testimony today in sacrament meeting.  She carries such a strong spirit with her.  We are grateful she is in this area.