Monday, January 29, 2018

The Final Transfer

Jan. 22, 2018

Hi Mom,
I'm working on My Plan now which helps me review my mission and set goals and plans for after so I'll have to make it quick. I wasn't able to read your email from last week until today but they were nice treats. Thank you for always writing even if I don't give you much detail to go off of. I am hoping to tell you so much more in person than I can capture in emails. 

The last and final transfer. So much to do in such a short period of time. Last transfer brought many challenges and trials that taught me a lot. It was a good transfer. Sister Faith and I are happy to stay together and work hard in the Laguna Hills ward. 
Sister Peacock, another sister in my Zone who is going home march 6, went with me to the temple for our departing temple trip. All the missionaries who are going home do a session with Pesident Clark before the go home. It taught me a lot about preparation which I have been thinking about a lot. We must prepare to perform at our best and though it requires time the best results come from it. Like with preparing to teach a lesson, it goes a lot smoother if you have studied and prepared for it. 

We are also about to witness our recent convert Richard get the Aaronic Presthood on Sunday. He is so humble and willing to do whatever is asked of him even if he doesn't understand it all yet. It was an amazing experience and we are going to continue teaching him and helping him progress in the Gospel. We are also excited about a new investigator family that wants us to come next Saturday to teach them more. The initial contact was with Darius and he was super open to us just sharing a scripture with him right there at the door and wants his wife to be present for the lessons. Teaching families is the ultimate goal because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about families. I know that we wouldn't be able to have happy families without Jesus Christ.

Mom I love you and I hope you know I'm doing well and will work harder than I ever have to Endure and to run this transfer. Charity is the key and I love what you said about serving God and each other makes our homes a holy place. 

give my love to Anne, dad, and Lauren. 
Have a great week and thank you for your example of diligence and endurance at home, at work and at play. 

Sister Crossett

Jan. 29, 2018

As far as the work goes we got a new investigator this past week :) She was a referral from sisters in Rancho Santa Marguerita Zone. She is really interested in getting involved with relief society activities because shes been before but also in learning more about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. An investigator lesson canceled this weekend but yesterday we had a cool experience with following promptings. Sister faith felt like we needed to go to our investigator Rita's as we were passing by her house. We hadn't heard from her and needed to follow up about her prayers and reading. It was a rough start to the lesson but I was able to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon and a scripture that came to mind. In those moments I feel the power and authority of God working through me and those are the moments I look forward to and hold on to as a missionary. She committed to truly read and pray about the Book of Mormon and I am so grateful that the spirit was able to touch her heart that day. 

Another really cool experience from following promptings we had was on Thursday. We were guided into a complex that was not in the plans and we didn't feel like we needed to get out of the car so we went to our Handy Dandy Area Book Planner App to look at the map of possible potentials already generated for that complex. We found a name that felt right but felt that we needed to go visit later in the evening. It turned out that the name we found didn't live at that address but another woman named Patty did. We ask how she was doing and she said its been rough with a family member with some heath challenges. We asked if we could say a prayer for them there at the door and she said yes. We were then able to testify of the Plan of Salvation and give her a copy of the Book of Mormon for strength. We could tell that she was touched by the spirit and is yearning for what the gospel can give her. Some many more experiences like that to come. 

I know that Jesus Christ is our rock and our sure foundation to build upon and that Heavenly Father truly knows us and loves us. He places people in our paths that we need and that need us the most. Gratitude is the key to a happy attitude. 

I love you mom. Thank you for ALL that you do and have done for me. Patience and hope. 

Sister Crossett

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Following Promptings Works!!

Jan. 8, 2018

The day before I heard of the passing of President Monson, I read one of the first talks he gave as our new prophet. "Abundant Blessings" I believe it's called, and It just re-affirmed my sustaining and testimony of the Prophet of God. It amazes me just how prepared Heavenly Father is and Helps us be as members of the church and with how it is organized. 

In our District Meeting on Wednesday an Elder gave a training on using our talents in the work. We each discussed something that we were good at and what was come up with for me was potential seeker. Though I view the world with a critical eye, I can also see the good in everyone if I look at the right angle. This helps me continue developing my faith in finding people to teach and not giving up on someone that just says "I'm not interested". I also get to use my bold side in those situations and its really cool to see God working through us. We felt that we needed to go to an apartment complex in our area. As we knocked on the door of a potential a few times with no answer I had the impression to knock on the door right behind at the top of the stair case we were on. It is a private community so we aren't really supposed to knock doors that way but we followed the prompting and a man named Darius answered the door, was super friendly and said he was heading out but we could come back the next day to share our message with his family.  Following Promptings works!! and its always cool to see the results and the reason immediately but if not, at least we know we are pleasing God and building our faith. 

This weekend has been a battle with the adversary. Friday we visited an older sister in the ward that is coming back to the church and was really having a hard time. We called our ward mission leader to give her a blessing that she finally requested and he postponed an appointment to come. It was so powerful and it literally saved her life. We stayed after to help serve her in simple ways around the house but they meant so much more to her. I know that is what Jesus would have done especially as a disciple of him its so cool to be his hands. I love Him and know that He loves me and all of us. That's why He did what He did. And that's why we can do what He wants us and knows that we can do. In another experience we had this weekend I learned that we do have the power to call upon the power of God and Jesus Christ and that angels will be around us. The Priesthood is real and I am so Grateful for it. 

Sister Crossett
Richard's Baptism
Jan. 15, 2018

This weeks been eventful with Richards baptism, which I was able to sing "Come thou Fount" at. Baptism Days are always pretty stressful at first but then everything goes well in the end because it's Gods work. We were also able to attend part of A Mini MTC event back in the Las Flores ward. I think I might have told you about that last year. There were about 50 or so missionaries asked to participate and what they had us do was help youth companionships prepare for a real live lesson with a non-member that night at 6pm. I got to offer my advise and counsel to two sweet sisters, one who had already received her call. I hope their lesson went well. 

I don't remember If I've mentioned the service we do on Wednesdays. We Go for two hours to a facility that takes care of the elderly. Its kind of a day care for old people but it is cool to visit with these people and help them play bingo, color, or just visit with them. I can feel Gods love for them as I serve and get to know them. 

Transfers are next Monday and I think I am staying with sister Faith for the end. We'll see though.
How do you endure to the end? 
We also had an amazing stake Conference this weekend and the focus was teaching the plan of Salvation in our homes and fostering appreciation for the church. Amazing talks were given by some recent converts who shared their burning testimonies and really help remind me of who I am and why I am here. It is hard to see the path ahead when there are so many distractions and bumps in the road. As we Remember who we are and how God has blessed us and played a hand in our day, it allows us to see even more clearly. 

I know that as we hold to the Hope that our Savior Jesus Christ Gives us we will be able to find happiness and joy in the hardest of times. Just keep trying, keep praying, keep believing, Hold to the Rod, and everything will work out. 

Sister Crossett

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas and the New Year

(Dec. 25)

Hi mom!

No libraries open again so I'm emailing from my phone again. We have our mobile hot spot on so it should go through this time, hopefully. Its just a little weird emailing this way. Times are changing so I'm trying to adjust. Thank you so much for the gifts! We had a pleasant morning opening them as Well as some from the mission. We even got stockings from some members that are filled as Well.
 Well I'll be seeing you in a few hours but I just wanted to send you a few pictures from the last few days and say merry Christmas. One thing I've been thinking about is schools I'd love to discuss plans/pull up some possible applications from your end tonight. If that's alright. We get an hour this time so hopefully we can say everything that needs to be said. I love you mom.
 I know that God is in charge and I just want to do what he wants me to do. Missions are hard, missions are different, but missions are worth it even if we cant see the blessings in store. They are right around the corner and we just need to continue to trust in His plan and timing :)

See you in a few :) 

Sister Crossett 

We had a nice chat that evening.  She is looking and doing great! Serving in the Laguna Hills Ward with Sister Faith.  

(Jan. 2)

We visited with a recent convert last week that just moved into our ward and was having a hard time adjusting and invited her back and she came and loved it :) We work with quite a few less active families and older people in the ward but I love it now! They are so sweet and also a great way to find new investigators. We also got a referral from a member in the ward and her name is Julie. She came to church a few weeks ago and we taught her on Sunday. Sister faith had the inspiration to read the living Christ with her and it turned out to be perfect for teaching her about the restoration. She is Persian and has a sister and friend that want to learn too. We are so Excited for her and her journey. I finally feel on my feet in the area and ready to get busy. It took some adjustment time but I got there :)

I have truly taken to heart the quest of gratitude today as I received chastening and guidance yesterday from the Lord towards being grateful. I think that I just didn't have hope or believe for a while that gratitude would help me at all and so I wasn't thanking Him with real intent. Moroni 7:4-6. It must be sincere for it to profit us. I know our father in heaven cares about us, he knows us, He loves us. And because He loves us, He chastens us and lets us struggle sometimes so we can learn and grow. I know it will still be a challenge moving forward but I now have the tools to help me. 

I am sorry the Call wasn't exactly the best. I'm Glad The next time I see you and talk with you It will be in person. I've said it before but I love my mission, I love being a missionary and I know God Has a Plan for all of us. Its so cool to discover what that plan is as he gives us guidance from the spirit.

Have a Grateful, comfy, week  

Sister Crossett

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"I Love being a missionary!"

(Dec. 4)

It will have to be a quick one. So much to do around here :) Christmas time is the best as a missionary. We did not have a baptism this past weekend because Breanna had not been to Church 3 times and we have a few more things to teach her but when I told her that I would most likely be transfering on the 11th She said "well I have to be Baptized before you leave then!" As much as I would love that, I know it is her journey and She needs to be baptized when she is ready. I think she's so ready though. We'll See what happens this weekend. Shelley also bore her testimony at testimony meeting on Sunday and it was the sweetest. We are singing in both our wards next week. Hopefully we can invite a lot of people to come :) its a great missionary tool and I love, just as you do, the ability to share the spirit and the light of Christ with others. 

We were able to watch the Devotional last night as well at a members home with a really big house. I loved the Music so much and the message about what we are going to give/sacrifce for the savior stuck out to me. We must give something that might be hard for us to give up if we are truly to change. 

I love the Gospel, I love My Father In Heaven, and I know he is watching out for us and will help everything to work out how it needs to. His plan is Perfect after all.
Merry Christmas! 

Sister Crossett

(Dec. 11 But I did not get it in my email until the 14th)

Hi mom, 
No time to Email today. Sorry! Transfers! I'm going to Laguna Hills in Laguna beach. Probably for my last two transfers. I will be finishing sister Faiths training. I was not expecting to train at all but I know Heavenly Father knows what I need. She is from Missouri super cute, such an amazing missionary. And the ward is going to be Awesome. We have lots of work to do here. 

We had a crazy busy week. Sister Moosman and I were able to sing in an interfaith concert on Saturday night. It was at the stake center and it was quite the performance. I was even able to talk about light the world with the San Clemente Lutheran pastor (Brenda) who is a strong alto and sang by me. Then we also sang a duet in both sacrament meetings for my last Sunday there. And to top it all off we had an amazing Sunday evening by witnessing Breanna be baptized and confirmed. The spirit led the service and I felt so filled. Breanna was simply glowing and all though none of her family came to support her she felt the love of the ward family that all came. It was simply amazing to be apart of. Ill have to send pictures next week. 

I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father is able to work through me and use my talent to bless his children in intricate ways. I know that as we look for his hand in on our daily lives we can increase our eternal perspective and align our will with his. 

 love sister crossett

(Dec. 18)

I am exited to see you too!! 
There is so much going on here its hard to keep up. 
I had to email on my phone last Monday which we normally don't do but we had to get Sister Faiths last companion all packed up and ready to go home the next day so I didn't have much time. I'm glad you got it though. This ward has been known to be missionaries ending areas so I guess it is mine too. Its a great ward, very large, very Musical (Sister Faith and I got to practice and then sing in the ward choir that was performing on Sunday, it was a good welcome to the ward for me) and everyone is so nice! It is a big adjustment and Its been a long hard week but as I look back on the things that Heavenly Father blessed me with by being here, it helped me remember that there is a plan and a reason for why I am here. 

My very first night in the ward we had dinner with a part member family and the nonmember dad who had not showed any interest in the past, shared a life changing experience that he had the night before and helped him come to know God and what he needed to do in his life. He came to church with his cute family on Sunday and we are going to begin teaching him this week. We also visited a sister this week who had a referral for us. Sister Poe is a convert of about a year and ran into a woman named Julie in Trader Joes who wants to learn more about Jesus. She was able to invite her to the Chalk walk on Friday and to church. The Chalk walk was a two day event at our Stake Center which is the building we meet in and is a double chapel building. Its easy to get lost in there :) Anyway local artist of all levels come and do Christmas chalk Drawings in the parking spaces and there is Hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls and live music all in the back parking lot. There were so many people and It was a great way for us to meet them. Sister Faith and I helped on both nights in the kitchen, and walking around talking to people. The chalk drawings were really good too ( I'll attach a few pics) [on the Laguna Hills Page] Julie loved it and was also able to come to church and loved that and we will be teaching her as well this week. 

I want you to know that I love missionary work, I love being a missionary and I know its the only thing that Heavenly Father really wants me doing. I just want to share the love, peace, and joy that I feel from the Savior with everyone I can. 
I hope you have a wonderful Week and get everything done that you need to. 

Think Happy,
Feel Happy,
Be Happy.

Sister Crossett

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gratitude Brings Blessings

Nov. 6th

This week was another Great one. I love our New District and I definitely feel the Bar of faith being raised. We are expecting and
setting goals I've never achieved before on my mission.To accomplish something not yet accomplished, we must do things not yet done. As missionaries we should not only Strive to help these people qualify for baptism, but be converted to Christ. Conversion is a process, not an event though. Change is also a process not an event.

Shelley is ready for baptism, there is no doubt about that, and another investigator we re-contacted last week named Breanna is also very prepared and ready. She came to Church for the first time yesterday as well. It was so cool to share the blessings of Church with her. We were filled from the words that were spoken and everything that was said was exactly what she needed.

I know all things are possible through Christ. The question is: do we have Enough Faith? The story of the Father who brings his son to the Savior to be healed comes to my mind. "Lord, I Believe, Help thou mine unbelief." Jesus Christ will take our Doubts and our unbelief if we give them to him. Something I've also been thinking about is that thankfulness and gratitude, are expressions and acts of our faith. We recognize that the things that we have are from God and we thank him for them.

One by one is right mom. I'm not always that patient and so it is a good reminder. I'm doing well. It was a good week. Today is just a little hard. I know the angels you pray to me are here with me though.  I can do it. We can do it. Faith and work are required though.

I have a question. What does Forbearance mean to you? Its the Christ Like Attribute I'm working on this transfer and I've looked it up in a few places but maybe you have some other insights.

I love you mom. My hope is that something I said in this email helped you a little bit,  or who ever else reads it.

Hope your week goes well!!

Sister Crossett

Nov. 13th

Dear Mom,
I don't need a hand written Letter to feel your love. This was perfect. I finished an email that I was going to copy and paste to my Blog and ask you what you thought of it and also how to do that and I was all done and ready to copy and paste it and then I lost it somehow. I feel like maybe what was typed was just meant for me.  Maybe Ill try again next week. 

I feel those dark clouds at least 2-3 times a week recently. ...  I know that the Light and Atonement of Jesus Christ has the power to lead us, and even carry us out of the darkness. I continue to fight. 

On the Note of Running I must tell you that for the first time on my mission, I feel like I am running. I've tried running before but have ended up having side cramps, and shortness of breath. Now I feel ready and conditioned for the run. Heavenly Father has been preparing me my whole mission for these last few months. I am running properly now and the reason is for Breanna and Shelley and Randy and Miley, Sister Moosman and our Ward leaders, and many more precious Children Heavenly Father has prepared me to touch at this time in my life and in theirs. I wish you could meet them now but I know that you will soon enough. ( I love expressing myself through analogy. The words flow better) 

Gratitude is an Expression of our faith. We must Recognize the source for our blessings. Heavenly Father will give us what we want and need if we simply ask him through prayer and look forward in faith. Similar to this good intentions Business ;) I know that if we are grateful for the things we have he will give us more. 

sister Crossett

Nov. 20th

Hi mom,
Happy Thanksgiving week! We are lined up to go to our Ward Mission Leader Brother Van Dusens House on Thursday and have been inviting investigators, less active members and its going to be a party :)  It was quite the weekend. I have been fighting some sort of Sickness with a low grade fever for over a week and I finally had the opportunity to ask for a priesthood Blessing on Friday. I was Healed and told that I had passed this trial. I kept working best I could with my sickness and Heavenly Father knew that and let me know through the priesthood. Isn't the priesthood so Cool? Then on Saturday morning we were able to go to the temple again. It was good and I got some guidance for schools and for serving others now. I just need to commit to the Direction I get.

I can't remember if I mentioned that we Set a Baptismal date with our investigator Breanna for December 1st. We are so excited for her and she could use many prayers right now! She wasn't able to come to church yesterday but she is still excited for her baptism. We had many miracles this week including the perfect song at just the right timing. Sister Moosman and I last minute asked if we could sing in sacrament meeting and so we called an accompanist, went to her house, and the first song we sang through was perfect for our voices and for the San Clemente ward. It was a Duet for I Need thee Every Hour and I Sang alto, Sister Moosman Soprano. It was awesome and everyone said we did a great job. We had hoped that some people we invited to church would be able to hear but they couldn't make it. I think we may sing again when they can come. We were also able to go to an Activity Days Activity that we invited our investigators Daughter to. She couldn't make it either but it was still good to let the girls know who would be coming. 

I've got to go but I just wanted to share my testimony that I know that Christ is our Savior. I know that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of this last dispensation. I feel the spirit testify to me of that more and more when we recite or share the first vision. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and It will guide us through as we listen to the promptings of the spirit as we read. 

Sister Crossett

Nov. 27th

Today was a good Preparation day and the week went well too. Thanksgiving was really good and the Elders and their investigator joined us as well as the Van Dusen's parents and sister. I don't know how I felt about the stereotypical Women Cleaning up in the kitchen after and the men going into the living room to talk/Check the game status but it was good to have a break to let the food settle before Pie. Sounds like [you had] a fabulous thanksgiving to me mom :) all you need is family and gratitude :) I've slipped back into not witting in my journal consistently. It really does help me get through the week a lot better. I just forget to reflect. Goal is to write every night this week. Will you keep me accountable? I'll follow up next week on it if you remind me :) 

As far as progressing investigators go, this week has been slow. I Guess its just the Holidays. Good thing that's not our purpose. It is a direct result of our faith and diligence though to see success and progress in those we teach. Our Purpose is to Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. I know that all things are possible through Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is also Gods work and his plan for his Children so all we can do is try our very best and keep going. The primary song I'm Trying to be like Jesus, comes to mind. 

Anyway we are going to have a white Christmas this year. No, Not with snow but with people in white :)  I'm So excited. What better gift to give the Savior than to bring souls unto him. 

You can count down [the days till I get home] if you like. I will continue to run as fast as I can in Helping our friends and family here in California to have the same joy that we have as we have learned to follow Christ as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I want to spend the summer at home and possibly take some summer classes/ institute at Weber. I don't want to worry about applying for BYU until I get home. When are deadlines? also I think I will want to take the ACT again if I want to go to BYU. I think this is my final answer. I want to just not stress about it while I'm here and it feels right, too. It has also come to my attention that I could do a performing mission in Nauvoo. It sounds like I would love it but we'll see what is in the cards for the fall. Let me know what comes to you and if you can help with anything on your end. [and anyone else's connections or input is welcome]

I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, productive, and energizing week. I love you to the the moon and back, and much much more than that :)

Sister Grace Crossett

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Show Must Go On! ( Yay! my first Subject line!:)

Today is the first day of a Brand New transfer.  Sister Moosman and I

are both staying together in this beautiful area of the Lords Vineyard

:) I am grateful for it too because there is a lot of work that I

still feel needs to be done and more to learn from and teach to sister


There are a lot of Distractions that our thrown at us by the one who

wants us to be miserable just like himself. I know that Heavenly

Father will help us stay focused in His work and will help us all do

the thing that he has commanded us. 1Nephi 3:7 When there's a will,

there's a way!! And Heavenly Father has provided that way through

Jesus Christ. We just need to provide our will to him and then we can

do and see miracles and blessings from His Hands.

We had a very cool miracle on Saturday. We had planned to go visit our

Investigators Honey and Miley and as we were pulling in, Miley was

outside on her scooter and we rolled down the window and said hi and

then parked and talked with her more. She has been reading the

Children's book of Mormon almost every day since we'd given it to her.

We discussed what she had been learning and invited her to pray about

Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She said she would. Her parents

are a little harder to meet with because of the business of life but I

know Miley will be the example for her Family and they will all

continue to progress on this path.

Our wards had their trunk or treat on Saturday too and the elders had

the brilliant Idea of decorating a trunk and handing out pass along

cards with candy. I didn't get a picture but I was a great success and

we got to talk to a few visiting friends not of our faith. It was a


I love this work and I know it is real and Jesus Christ is at the

Head. As we look to him, we will be guided and lead to the things we

need to do each hour and minute of each day to fulfill our Heavenly

Fathers Purposes. I know that the Book of Mormon is Gods word and will

invite the spirit into our hearts so we can hear the guidance he gives

through the Holy Ghost.

I hope you all have an amazing week and that you can recognize Gods hand in it!


Sister Grace Crossett

mom here,  This is completely copy and paste from Grace's letter.  Grace is hoping to be able to post to this blog on her own in future.  We are still getting the kinks worked out.  

From Last week
(Oct. 23)

We were able to visit a really fun family last night and we were prompted to

share the doctrine of Christ with them. It was a really spirit led

lesson and we used the end of 2 Nephi 31. I Shared my story about the

mirror that said "what would Jesus Do?" I don't know if I have told

you that one but it was a while ago. let me know if I haven't.

We had a few amazing miracles this week. Wednesday we were watering

sister Humans Flowers and I saw a mail lady doing her job and

recognized her. A while ago in a different part of town we met her and

gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she was really excited to

read it. We didn't get her number though. So on wednesday we ran into

her again and she recognized us and said she had been reading the Book

of Mormon. We got her information and she will be able to be taught

soon. Being in the Right Place at the Right time is Awesome!! Another

one I'll share is that we had just visited a potential that had

sincerely told us to come back in two weeks, and I had a prompting to

go and visit a woman the ward asked us to check up on and we hadn't

met yet who lived down the street. She hadn't been to church in a long

time but we went and It turns out that this woman was having a hard

day. She opened up to us and told us her story and in the end she

committed to start Reading the Book of Mormon Everyday again. It was

one of the most spirit filled conversations I have had on my mission.

My Favorite kind ;) I know of the power of the spirit in conversion

and also the power of the book of Mormon. 


Sister Crossett

Sunday, October 22, 2017

So much to do...

(Saturday Oct. 14th)
I love getting texts from unknown numbers with pictures of my sweet grace in them.  Sister Wright, her last companion got to go back to visit and her mom sent us some pictures from what looks like a ward dinner.  

(Oct. 16)

So much to do, So little time. But Heavenly Father Gives us the time we need to do the things that are most important. We just have to be obedient and trust Him. 

The new tools that Heavenly Father has given have both excited me and made me stressed. I think I am passed most of the stress though. I know that Heavenly Father loves, knows, and trusts me. That statement is something that has grown throughout my mission. First I had to learn that He loves me, then that He truly knows me, and just recently I have added on to the testimony that he Trusts me because He asked me to train sister Moosman, He gave me a phone to learn how to use properly and He continues to call me to his work. Everyday I have to recommit to it......
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is our only way out, our only way to loose the bands from which we are bound. Jesus Christ over came all things and so can we. When at first you don't succeed, try, try again! 

To report on my Goals of helping 3 families on the path to conversion to Christ and to help my companion be more converted, Honey, Dale, and Miley (a Family!) are so prepared for the Gospel and we have taught them the first lesson and Honey is reading the book of Mormon and Miley will follow suite with the children's version. We have not set up a return appointment for this week so we will need to do that to help them progress. We are also working with Randy, an older Gentleman and his Son Tyler, but His wife is not as interested yet. We will pray that her heart will be softened.

Positive thoughts are part of the key as well! 

Have a positive, light, peaceful, balanced week! Don't forget to look and pray for the miracles!

Sister Grace Crossett

(Oct. 21)
This one came with some explanation

"Sisters hard at work again! We had a city wide emergency preparedness fair today. I ran the kids obstacle course with the last stop being the Safe Gathering Place where these cute girls told them how to talk with their families about where to meet when they get separated in an emergency.  Love these girls. So willing to serve in any capacity!"