Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas miracles

It has truly been a white Christmas here in California (white Christmas as in White baptismal Clothes!). On Friday was the Baptism of one of our investigators, Moe. He was contacted by Sister Wimmer and Sister Hawkins, just last month and he had just arrived in the country and was getting out of his car from the airport when they walked up and introduced themselves and asked if he wanted to learn more. It's history from there. His journey has been incredible and, though I didn't get to teach him any lessons, I am so grateful to have been a part of it. The Baptismal Service was incredible! The spirit, warmth, and love in that room was amazing. One of the biggest things that Moe loves about the Gospel and our Church is the feelings of love and family whenever he goes to church and is around members. Because of that I thought it would be fitting to sing a musical number of "Where love is" and "Love One Another" from the primary song book. I know the love he feels is from the spirit. It was amazing for him to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost so that he will always have that feeling with him. It was even cooler that he received it on Christmas Day. One of the Greatest Gifts you could ever receive.

After the baptismal Service, Some Elders who attended with their investigator came up to me. Their investigator said he loved my song and really felt the spirit and wanted me to sing it at his baptism. That is just a testimony to me of the power that music can have on inviting the spirit and touching hearts. I am so grateful that through sharing my talents I can be of even more good for my Heavenly Father and His work. It was another Christmas Miracle.

I love this work and I know that it is of eternal importance and purpose. I know that Heavenly Father provides a way for us to accomplish the things that he asks of us and the trials that come our way.

I was wondering if you could some how get me attached to Elder Waymans group email or how ever he is sending things. Also, If you could keep sister Hawkins specifically in your prayers. She is really having a hard time right now. thanks mom!!
I love you!!!!!

Sister Crossett

Christmas dinner with the Rodriguez family.

FHE with David and Jenny Chamberlin
Elders Rasmussen and Williams and sisters Hawkins and Crossett.

We got to talk to Grace on Skype for an hour plus. She is doing great! She showed us her worn out shoes and cried and laughed with us.  She is living in a two bedroom apartment with another set of missionaries and she told us of the piles of treats the members had given them for the holiday. They ended up making plates of treats to give away to investigators cause they just couldn't, and shouldn't, eat it all!

Here she is just listening and enjoying being with us. 

and then smiling for the camera. 

She is being taken care of really well and we are so proud of her. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Light of Christ

mommy mommy mommy!!

thank you for your email and word of advise about working with others. Sister Hawkins and I passed our test this week, meaning we made it through the mist of darkness and the Spirit of Contention is leaving. We got a lot of help from President, our Sister Training leaders, and from Priesthood Blessings. We are learning so much from each other and have come a long way. I really hope we get to stay together for another transfer and continue to grow and Stretch. We have been thinking a lot about the gift of Discernment and we actually are giving the lesson at our FHE tonight about it. We have FHE Every week at our Stake presidents house and sometimes investigators and others are there too. I would love some Vitamin C if that is a possibility. 

Nicole and Kayla are the ones with us in the Picture. They are investigators we are trying to build trust with. Nicole is a chatter but they are both so funny. We are just taking it slow with them and hopefully we can teach them more soon. Its really cool that sister Hawkins and I are so different. I have been learning to trust her more, especially in the work. We had a really cool experience on Saturday night. We knocked on the door of a potential we had contacted earlier in the week named Christian. He told us we could come back another time so we tried and a woman answered the door this time and invited us right in. It was a scene that was not the ideal setting for missionaries ( Siguarette smoke, beer bottles, Blaring TV) and I was very uneasy about the whole situation for a while, but sister Hawkins just walked right in. Tammy was the mom of these boys and she offered for us to sit down and share something with them. Sister Hawkins talked mostly at first. I was still feeling uneasy. As I sat there I saw a mirror hanging on the wall. On it was written in Red Lipstick, " What would Jesus Do". I Began to think about it and I realized that Jesus would be exaclty where we were right then. No judgement, just teaching anyone who would listen. As we talked more with these 3 boys they perked up a little more and I know they were feeling the spirit. It was just a really cool experience of the power that the light of Christ and the spirit has on every individual. As missionaries, we are just the guides. We bring the spirit unto their hearts and only they can let it into their hearts.

I know that Heavenly Father Has put specific people into our lives so we can learn from them but also so they can help us and strengthen us. I am so Grateful for the Plan of Happiness and for our Savior Jesus Christ and his love and sacrifice for us.
I hope you are all sharing His Light with the World this Christmas Season. Even the little things can make a big difference. 

Love and prayers to all,
Sister Crossett

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A white Christmas

I was sent this picture in a text almost two weeks ago.
(Her first week in Mission Viejo. With Sister Hawkins) 

(letter recieved Dec. 12, 2016)

The person who sent the picture was my new Stake President, President Chamberlin. He's pretty cool. It was taken at our relief Society Christmas Dinner.  The theme was "Let Him In" and it was a beautiful program. I especially loved the musical number. Our Bishop, Bishop Baker, and Brother Hada (Guitar Accompaniment) sang a really cool arrangement of "Come unto Christ"the 2014 youth theme song. It definitely brought the spirit. 

I am missing the snow a lot. Dad sent a picture of his hard work in the driveway. Snow seems foreign to me now. Although they make up for it here by going all out with lights.  I'll have to send you a picture soon, of the line of lights strung up across the streets in between the houses. its crazy! ;)

(And an email from Dec. 12, 2016)

Dear mom,
I'm sorry I don't have the address with me right now but I sent a letter home with the return address for our appartment on it... Give or take. I don't really know how to write the address but I know we live in Mission Viejo and that our appartment is 6L. Its ok if you just send it to the mission office. Someone just said we aren't supposed to have mail sent to anywhere else but I'll ask President about it.

We haven't heard anything specific about christmas calls yet but I'm pretty sure we get to skype. Do we have that capability at home? We will be in a members home for sure for that but ill keep you posted on more details. 

This week has been rough but its getting better. I'm still working on communication with sister Hawkins. I want so much to make our companionship work and she has said that she's the kind of person to not have the desire or will to make it work if it doesn't click right away. We are working on things together though and today has been an easier day. It is testing my limits but I am learning so much and I am grateful that Heavenly Father has put his confidence in me to do it. I do love sister Hawkins very much and she has so many wonderful qualities.

Oh! by the way, we have an investigator on date for baptism on the 23 of december. His name is moe. I don't think its quite hit me what that really means but we are going to have a white Christmas here after all. Smoking was his only struggle and he is now 8 days clean so he's doing amazing! Pray for Moe! 

I had the amazing opportunity to go to our stake Sing Noel concert last night. It was amazing and the spirit was so strong there. It gave me a little bit of home when the childrens choir sang. I don't suppose you guys went to SLCC concert did you? Well I got my little taste of home here. I was also asked to sing at our up coming zone Training meeting. Its Josh Grobans "believe".

I've got to go but I know that the light of Christ is in all of us. Member or not, and that is why everyone feels so happy serving others. Charity Never Faileth and I know that it is the pure love of Christ that we feel went we serve. 

Much love from California,
Sister Crossett

Monday, December 5, 2016

Co-Senior Companion

(I decided to leave the greeting in the letter this time, cause it makes me smile.  She also sent me a bunch of pictures from her last area which are now on the Live Oak Canyon page of the blog.)


I don't have much time so I'm going to tell you about my week and then I will hand write you my advise and responses about all your Exciting news. It sounds like so much fun back home and I'm super excited about everything.

So Sister Hawkins and I are co-senior companions. I'm not sure exactly what that means but it makes sense since we have been out for the same amount of time. She has been here in the Las Flores ward her whole mission so far so she is helping me with names and faces but we don't have a GPS for the car like we did in Live Oak so we are figuring out the area together still. She is Designated driver. It has been a Challenge working with her because we are so different and communicating is hard but I am determined to make it work and to learn from her and love her even more.

Las Flores Ward has been very kind and welcoming so far. I am just trying to be patient with learning names and faces and learning the area. We have a few investigators which I am very excited about. We also had a really great experience on Saturday. We were headed to a members home and we had just parked and gotten out of the car. There was a man and his little boy just outside their garage and I took courage and introduced ourselves to him. We learned that he and his wife were born-again Christians. We offered him a Book of Mormon and he accepted and asked a lot of genuine questions and also asked for our number so he could reach out and ask more questions as they came. We were grateful for that miracle and we are going to follow up with him on the Book of Mormon in a few days and we are really excited about it.

During fast and testimony meeting for my first Sunday in the ward I thought I should bear my testimony and introduce myself to the ward. I felt the spirit so strong in that meeting and it testified and confirmed to me again that The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saint is Christ's True Church restored upon the earth by the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Heavenly Father is the Same yesterday today and forever. He is always listening and will always give us more revelation as we are obedient to the commandment and have faith to receive it. I know that charity never faileth and whoso is found possessed of it at the last days, it shall be well with him. Moroni 7:46-47.

I hope you are all taking the opportunity to take part in the Light The World Initiative this month and that you are spreading your light and helping others to know of the importance of serving.

I love you all dearly! have a wonderful week!

Sister Crossett