Thursday, August 25, 2016

First P-Day

Finally!  That was a really long week to wait for contact from your baby girl!  I swear there were some extra days in there. 

Hello Everyone!

Well I made it through my first week here at the MTC!! I'm not going to lie, it has been a roller coaster ride. Adapting to missionary life is not a walk in the park. But along with all the struggles, I have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life here. The schedule is always jam packed so its good to get a little break from that today. I mean you never get a break as as a full time missionary but this morning we got to go to the temple and leave all our stress and worries behind for a little while and that was an amazing experience and blessing to me. I know temple attendance will bless our lives in so many ways.

Something that I've really been adapting to is always being with my companion. I don't really get a lot of quiet me time anymore but luckily I got a pretty amazing companion. Her name is Sister Bradsby and I am grateful for how similar she is to me. She is So selfless and thoughtful and strong. I couldn't have gotten through the first week without her. My district is also really amazing and they are already like family to me. We have 4 sisters in our district and 8 elders. The other sisters names are Sister Hawkins and Sister Hill and we are all going to Irvine, California. Then we have Elders Gwin and Perrett, Pearson and Bartley, Hale and Cochrin, and Meer and Mickelson. (that was for you dad :)) anyway they are pretty cool. Of course they are not perfect at following the rules being 18/19 year old Boys but they can also be well behaved when it matters most so I'm working on being patient with them... :)

So Tuesdays and Sundays here we have evening devotionals with all of the missionaries and there is normally a General Authority that speaks and the MTC Choir sings. This Sunday however we had a special  concert devotional where the Nashville Tribute Band came and performed some songs Individually but also with the choir. (Oh yes, I was so singing with the choir :)) In fact, they informed us that We made up the largest MTC choir in history. Over 1,700 of us. It was incredible. One Song we sang with the Band was " We Were Born". One more Musical Tidbit About the MTC that I love is that when ever we sing the song the Armies of Helaman in stead of singing "and we will be the Lords Missionaries" we Sing " and we Are Now the Lords Missionaries". I just love that because it brings such a new power to that song and those lyrics and It just reminds me that my time is Now, that I'm actually here. 

Other than being a little under the weather with a cold, I am doing just fine but prayers are always appreciated :) I Know that our Savior lives. I know His Atonement is real and that we need it daily. He is the way, the only way. I know that through faith, repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end, we will be able to access that Atonement in our lives and be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father Again. 

I love you all. Be strong, Keep the Faith, and Don't forget who you are.

Sister Crossett 

And another fun note that I took from a message to just me. I guess I didn't train her quiet as well as being on your own can.  

We have been doing laundry all day and I Ironed my own skirt all by myself today! It feels like I'm playing catch up in adulting as well as being a missionary because all the other girls in my district have either gone to at least a semester of college and I'm still trying to figure out how to be independent. I'll get there, It will just take a little extra work.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First E-mail

Sent on Wed. Aug. 17, 2016

Hey Family,

Well Its been about 45 minutes and they are already having me email you. Well Ill give a quick run down of what happened right after I said goodbye. I got my name tag and a bunch of other things that my host had me get. She helped me with my bags until we got tired and asked some elders to help us out. We dropped off my bags and then she brought me to my class room and now Im emailing you. :) I just want to let you know that Im just fine and really excited. Have a Great Day!!!

Love, Sister Crossett

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 1. The send off.

After a lunch at Golden Corral in Orem, where Grace was one of 16 new missionaries that we counted there getting a free meal, the girls put Grace between them in the car to get in their final "snooggle"-ing with big sister.  
A couple informal selfies and shots of the fam at the Temple across the street and a quick, *too quick* hug on the curb with the bags and off she went. I got a little teary eyed as I kissed her forehead and may have dropped a single tear of proud momma emotion, but it was all so fast and she was anxious to get to work.

 This picture I took through the car window going 15 mph as we drove away. I am amazed that it turned out so well.  Grace may or may not be one of those missionaries inside the fence. 

Her father, though he may never admit it and probably thinks he got away without being noticed, was wiping tears away as we drove home. It was a good day.  We are all so excited for her.