Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Last of Las Flores

(May 8)

This week has been a slower week but we've still seen so many miracles. We met a guy who believes in God and Jesus but not in the bible because its been changed so much. We told him about JST and gave him the Book of Mormon and we ordered him a bible with JST and everything and he is excited to read both! hoping to teach him more this week. We have had an Iranian man and his son coming to sacrament meeting for 2 months now but we haven't been able to teach him during the week. They stayed after once for second hour and we taught them the restoration and invited him to read and pray but that was it. On Sunday they came again and we found out that his wife has been not too happy that they go to church so that has been the struggle. The man says he feels the spirit and he wants so badly to learn more though, so we are just praying that we will have the opportunity to teach them and that his wifes heart will be opened. I know that faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance through making changes to your life are how we can become more like our Savior. That is why we invite people to make and keep commitments, to pray and read the Scriptures and Come to church. So their hearts can change through The power of the Holy Ghost. 

I don't know if  you remember that I can skype you on mothers day next Sunday. I'm sure you have :) If not Surprise!! We are skyping at the Elliots house and we were thinking about 3:30 our time. I hope that works for you guys. If not we will have sister Elliot Text or call you. It will work out :) I'm So Excited to see you all!! 
I'm doing alright with my battle. (Last months post)  Its still a work in progress. I just want so badly to do all that Heavenly Father needs me to do here, especially it being my last week ( I think) in the ward and area. I'm feeling a big change. Possibly San Clamente zone, even more down south. We'll see. Mission President says he'll see what he can do about a change ;) I love President and Sister Clark so much and they are just what I need and they have said I am just what they need. Heavenly Fathers plan is so perfectly organized. Its Amazing!! 

Sister Crossett

A final picture from the bishops home at FHE on Monday the 8th. Sisters Crossett and Peterson, Elders someone and Williams

(May 16th)

We did a facebook video call on Mother's Day.  Grace had been sick with a cold and soar throat.  She told us that she is being transferred to San Clemente, just as she predicted, and her new companion will be Sister Wright. She'll be in the Forster Ranch Ward.  She sounds and looks like she's doing great!  

  It was so great to see you guys yesterday. It was exactly what I needed. We have everything squared away for transferring and I am so excited for a new transfer of Change.

With me being sick we were pretty much home all week trying to help me get better. I am feeling much better now though. It was very unexpected for the Las Flores B Area to be Closed.  It is hard to say goodbye to everyone we have been working with and give them to the Elders to care for, but I know heavenly Father will help everything to work out. After all it is His work, and His plan. I am always so amazed by transfers and how it all works together in the end. One of the Hardest parts for me was having to explain to our Iranian investigator and his son, who have been coming to church for 2 months, that we will not be able to see him again for a while or sit with them at church. They were very sad but they also were very grateful for the change that they said they have been experiencing in their hearts and souls. They said they will always come to church. I know that one day they will be baptized and that I will be able to see them again. I am so grateful to have been able to be an influence in there conversion to Christ. I know that this work, the work of Salvation, is the most Important work on earth, and as we help our Heavenly Father Gather his Children into the kingdom, and keep his Commandments, we will be blessed with all the things we stand in need of. 

I love you all so much!! 

sister Crossett

Pictures: Easter cookies from bishops wife, Easter with sis. Peterson, Elephant at the Library

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