Our Move

I decided to put this info here for two reasons. There are a lot of loved ones that we want to share our story with and I already have this blog in place that they have access to.  The second reason is that, while Grace says this move is not really affecting her mission, it will definitely be something that she looks back on as a part of her mission.  To come home after 18 months to a different house, I am told, is certainly something to remember.  ( a third reason has come up as I wrote and that is just to have a history of the important events.)

So here it is....

It's not really a huge thing.  Well, It IS a big thing, but it happened slowly and comfortably.  A great blessing for me.  That's how I like to experience things.  I am a student of Carol Tuttle who teaches about following your truth and remembering our pre-earth wholeness and commitments.  For the past three years I've been studying myself and experiencing the world through new eyes of understanding.  I'm a Type 2 energy type, (compare to water).  Soft, connected, subtle, detail oriented, smooth, flowing, emotional.  Janus is a Type 3 (Fire).  dynamic, substantial, action oriented, determined, mover and shaker, push forward energy.

I start with this, because this is where it started.  We have been feeling stuck in our life.  As wonderful as it was,  There was no progress and therefore uncomfortable. Janus needs to have big things in his life to feel accomplished and I need to have connection and comfort and reasons to feel right.  So God prepared me over the course of the last year or so. to be ready to accept the move and gave Janus this big change kind of all of a sudden.

This past Spring, we decided to invest in Carol Tuttle's 30 Day Money Cure.  It is a concentrated course meant to change your thinking and energy toward money.  Curing our false beliefs and long-held misconceptions towards money.  Letting go of the energy of lack and struggle and accepting an attitude of abundance and joy.  We learned how we had been keeping ourselves stuck by our actions and attitude surrounding money.  One of those big aspects was the kind of home we lived in.  Also our home is the largest asset that we have and therefore plays a key role in our economic standing.

Now, Janus will explain this to you very differently, of course.  He doesn't go for a lot of words and feelings and reasons.  Bottom line is, by selling our home and using the proceeds to pay off debt, we are in a much better financial situation.  We both will tell you this.  We will also both tell you that buying a new home, a little larger, more what we want to live in, increases our mental and emotional wealth and attitude.  Through much prayer and study and deliberation, we both know this is the right thing to do for our family.

We haven't received a large windfall of money that allows this.  Janus still earns a decent salary with a job that he is satisfied with.  I still work part-time doing things that I love.  We will still need to budget, and be smart with our resources and live within our means.  We are living more by faith that God wants us to be prosperous and this is a huge step in that direction. We will always have the things that we need.

We've been hesitant to talk about it with some people because we are still working out our own self-judgement's.  Part of the Money Cure is letting go of those things.  We used to have a certain judgement held for people who had large houses or nice things.  They were silly, subconscious beliefs based in fear and jealousy that did not allow us to accept wealth and abundance.  They are hard to get rid of.  "if others see us living in a nice house then they will judge us the same as I judged them." Among other reasons.  The fact is.  We need to do what is right for our family no matter what we may think that others will think of us.  RIGHT?  Right.

Knowing that if you are reading this you have some kind of love and interest in our lives I can trust that you know that we are following the path that is best for us although it may not make sense to someone else on any number of different levels.  Thank you for your support and kindness. Celebrate with us that progress is happening in lots of areas of living!

I have a 3x5 card that, I believe, my mother wrote this quote on probably her last months of life.

Letting go means not to deny but accept.
Letting go is not to regret the past, but grow and live for the future. 

Leaving is always a bitter sweet emotion.  And we are leaving several things when we move.  Our friends who are our neighbors.  Love them.  Our ward family who have shaped our girls and our spiritual growth for so long.  Our "comfort zone" of stuff and attitudes about living.  We are letting go of lack and struggle.  Moving forward with a positive, affluent attitude.  

I'm certain that the future holds great things for us, whatever they may be. As we have gone through lots of the things that we have been holding on to for years, we have been so freed by the process of purging.  Making room for the future and greater things to enter.  Sometimes it's involved painful reminders and hard physical labor.  I personally have felt very alone for a lot of the process, and I guess that's part of the emotional purging that has happened.  And it's all good.  These things build us up and make us who we are meant to be.  

- first thoughts that selling our house might be a good idea.
- had realtors literally knocking on our door wanting to sign us, put together some possible numbers
- signed up for the Money Cure to start in April.
- considered buying a trailer with cash from sale to be in NO DEBT
- signed with my sister and her husband to represent us and sell the house.

- began preparations to fix and clean out the house to take pictures and list
- 8th, walked through model home of Eastridge Park development just for fun.
- realized that this is what we wanted and needed.
- scraped together the ernest money and small down payment.
- thinking our house would see fast, we chose a spec home that would be finished in July.  It happened to be all of what we would have designed ourselves anyway.
- 13th, signed the contract on a much larger home than we previously thought we deserved.
- 17th Money Cure Course begins

-  entire interior painted at selling home, took four days longer than proposed.
-  cool box storage container delivered store all our "loved, but not needed for living or showing" things.
- constant trips to DI as part of the purge of stuff.
- decided front steps needed to be completed before listing, took ten days longer than proposed. pushed back listing by three weeks.
- 24th interior pictures taken

- Steps finished, exterior pictures taken
- 8th, finally listed on MLS for minimum of what we wanted.
- Open house weekend with only 6 visitors
- lowered price, second open house Saturday 17th.
- one or two showings a day.  cleaning everyday, picking up and leaving at a moments notice.
- our new house is close to ready, loan processing, got a good interest rate and 30day lock. must sell!
- first proposed move in date July 6th.
- change loan to FHA to include rental income, list home for rent with lots of interested people.
- finally an offer to buy for asking price after 16 days on the market.
- counter offer up $2500 with understanding that they would sign a lease so we can keep loan as is.
- second proposed closing and move in date July 13th.
- snafoo in loan understanding.  Must sell home, not lease, to get funds to buy new home.

- all our people rearrange things, working to allow us to move in as soon as possible after sell closing - third proposed closing/move-in date.  July 21st
- final walk through for our new house.  it's awesome.
- buyers realtor failed to inform buyer of immediacy of one document.  Signed late, pushed back move in date to after long weekend. Closing July 25th.
- planned move in over several days week of 25th- 29th.

Perhaps someday we will understand why this process that felt so right at the start and was in an awesome sellers market for real-estate seemed to have so many hiccups and delays.  Looking back it may not seem that it was very hard or different, but living in it was a great challenge.